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getting down is mandatory" 

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Trek Info - Rajmachi

Starting Point : Pune 

Route :  You can catch a bus or local from Pune to Lonavla. Between Lonavla  and Khandala (about 3 km from Lonavla station) there is a bifurcation on the right which leads to Rajmachi. Its about 4-5 hr walk from there to Rajmachi village. Just before Rajmachi village a track leads to Manoranjan.

Alternate Route : Take a bus to Karjat, from there you can catch a bus to Kondivade. Its at the base of Rajmachi. From there its about 2 1/2 hr steep climb.

Comments : Rajmachi is a beautiful and simple trek. Best season for this trek is from June to September, when the monsoon is at its height. You can stay in the village or in the cave at Manoranjan. There is also a temple near the village. There is no need to carry excess water.

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