Part 6

Brian grinned and unlocked the cell, he grabbed a screaming and kicking
Joy out by her cuffs, whilst Kevin locked the door again, Kat and Sherri
watched on in horror wondering what was going to happen to their inmate..

Joy was screaming.."you fucking no good pricks, unhand me this instant.."
he was kicking out at Brian...

Kevin Slammed her in the back of the knees with the nightstick and Joy
hollered in pain..."owwwwwwwwwwwwww...." the tears streamed down her
face as they hoisted her onto the table bu Brian. She felt her hands being un-
cuffed by Howie and then strapped to the sides of the table by her wrist and
upper arm, he then placed a strap across her forhead so that her head was
immobile, a gag was then placed in her mouth and lastly she felt her
panties being pulled from her body by AJ before he spread her legs wide
and placed them in high stirrups, strapping her thighs and ankle securely

Joy stuggled against her binds, she could feel the humiliation surging through
her as her most intimate parts were fully on show for all to see....

Nick walked up to Joy with a pair of surgical scissors and then started cutting
her grey standard issue dress away....

Joy tried to scream at him no, but she couldn't the gag, doing its job kept
her quiet, Joy was totally powerless to do anything other than accept it
this filled her with rage, she hated being out of control...

Kat and Sherri watched as Nick pulled the dress away from Joys body
and then cut her bra off, her breasts spilling out, the girls couldn't
believe the men would do such a thing, they were both panicking and thinking
the same thing...

Howie walked around the table and stood at the end looking straight between
Joys spread thighs..."its time for your examination joy, make sure you are
not hiding anything anywhere.......Nick pass me the KY jelly and the gloves.."

Nick laughed as he handed over the gear. Joy watched wide eyed as Howie
snapped on the rubber gloves and then smeared the lubricating gel all
over them, even though she was held fast to the table it didn't stop
her trying to struggle....

Howie moved towards Joys vagina and then laughed as he felt Joy jump upon
him touching her delicate folds he roughly parted the layed, not taking any
care to be gently and thrust his fingers feep inside he pushed his fingers
apart spreading the walls as far apart as they could go and then shone a
torch into her entrance....."nothing in here...hmmmm....maybe we will have
to remedy that eh guys..?"

The guys all cracked up laughing knowing exactly what their boss meant...

Howie then removed his fingers and then started pushing them against her
anal opening. Joy thought she was going to die from the rough way he
was handling her sensitive parts, she was feeling sore and tender already..

Howie pushed a finger deep inside and then started wiggling it around, he
then pushed another finger inside and then did the same as with her vagina
he opened his fingers outwards and checked her our with his torch...
"I think we have an anal virgin here boys, we might have to deflower
her before she leaves us...."

Joy could feel her heart beating loudly, she was sure all of this sexual
talk was just to scare her, she knew they wouldn't actually really touch
her cos that would be rape, and of course the guards wouldn't rape the

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