The Classic of the Hidden Talisman
Translated by Akrishi

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上篇 Chapter One
1.1.1 觀天之道,執天之行,盡矣。 Observe the Way of Heaven, (and) hold to Heaven's action. That's all (we should do).
1.1.2 天有五賊,見之者昌。 In (the functioning of) Heaven, there are five plundersNote 1.1.2 He who sees (how) it (works will) flourish.
五賊在心,施行於天。 The five plunders (' action) is in the heart, (and subsequently got) executed in Heaven.
宇宙在乎手,萬化生乎身。 (This is because) the universe is in the hand, myriad manifestation is generated from the body.
1.1.3 天性人也,人心機也。 The nature of Heaven ('s functioning) is (determined by the will of) man. (And) man's mind (is determined by) the mechanics (of functioning of Natural Law and opportunities arising).
立天之道,以定人也。 (So, the sage) founded the Way of Heaven, to decide on man ('s action and behaviour). Note 1.1.3

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(When) Heaven shoots a triggering mechanism for killing (i.e. silence got enlivened), dragons (and) snakes rise from the land.

人發殺機,天地反覆。 (When) man shoots a triggering mechanism for killing (in collective consciousness), Heaven and earth (got) overturned.
天人合發,萬變定基。 (When) Heaven and man shoot together, myriad transformation (got the) base (of their sequential development) set.
1.2.2 性有巧拙,可以伏藏。 The nature (of our mind can at times) be dexterous (or) clumsy, Note 1.2.2a (so sometimes it) can be subdued (or) hiding (to become clumsy).
九竅之邪,在乎三要。可以動靜。 (This is through) the improper (outward projection) of (our awareness through) the nine apertures Note 1.2.2b , which is determined by the three essential (ones), (that) can (either) be dynamic (or) silent.
火生於木,禍發必剋。姦生於國,時動必潰。 (When) fire is generated from wood, (this) calamity happening will surely be subduing.
(And when) the treacherous (is) born in a country, (the social) movement (at that) time is certainly routed.
1.2.3 知之修煉,謂之聖人。 (He who) knows this (principle) and cultivates (oneself accordingly), is called as a sage.
天生天殺,道之理也。 (Because the functioning of) Heaven (promoting) growth (and) Heaven killing, is the principle of Tao.

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