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the legendary author of
Tao Te Ching

   Quotes from Lao-tzu:

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IMG: Welcometo my Tao Teh Ching webpage!

Time has passed since I have put up this home page again in Sept 2005, and since then I have added more content to this home page and made it into a home of my translation of Taoist classics.

And with the starting of the translation of "The Tenet of the Golden Flower of Great Duality" (i.e. "The Secret of the Golden Flower") in Oct 2005, I have found the need to add some glossaries to explain the jargon used in Chinese Alchemy.

Now that glossary for some important concept of Tao is done, it is time to update this Tao Teh Ching web page with glossaries.
The glossaries are by javascript popups. So please enable javascript to browse this web page.
Enjoy this ancient knowledge of Tao!
Akrishi, 21 Jan 2007
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