IMG: Title - TAO TE CHING, A New Translation by Akrishi
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Chapter 64
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64.1.1 That (which is) at rest is easy to hold.
That (which has) not yet omened is easy to plot for.
64.1.2 That (which is) fragile is easily broken (into half).
That (which is) minute is easily scattered.
64.1.3 Act on it before (things) happen.
Govern (well) before disturbances (arise).
64.2.1 Trees that can barely be encircled with outstretched arms grow from (the size of a) small twig.
A multi-storey platform starts from accumulated earth.
(Climbing) a height of hundred meters begins from under (your) foot.
64.2.2 He who acts (deliberately will) spoil things.
He who grasps things (will) lose it.
This is why the sage (always) let go (and) so (he is) not spoiling (things).
Not grasping, so (he has) no loss.
64.2.3 People's spoiling things,
usually (happen) when things are close to success and then (they) spoil it.
Be careful at the end as if at the beginning,
then (they will) not be spoiling things.
64.3.1 This is why the sage desires no desire,
does not value goods difficult to get.
64.3.2 (And) learns not to learn,
(so that he can) restore what the multitudes have exceeded.
64.3.3 This is why (he) can assist all things (to be) natural and not daring to act.
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