IMG: Title - TAO TE CHING, A New Translation by Akrishi
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Chapter 55
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55.1.1 He who mouths virtue richly,
(may be) compared to a newborn baby.
55.1.2 Bees, scorpions and venomous snakes do not bite (him).
Fierce beasts (and) birds of prey do not seize (him).
55.1.3 (Though his) bones (are) weak (and) tendons tender, but (he) grips firmly.
Not yet knowing the union of male and female, yet (his) penis stiffens.
(This is because his) essence is extremely (full).
Crying all day without (getting) hoarse.
(This is because he is in) extreme harmony.
55.2.1 Harmony is said to be the ordinary (way).
Knowing the ordinary (way) is said to be (having an) enlightened (sense).
55.2.2 (Things that are) beneficial to life are said to be auspicious.
55.2.3 Mind (functioning with) command (of) prana is said to be strong.
55.3 (After) things (become) full-grown, then (they start to) age.
This is called non-Tao.
The non-Tao is already ceasing (to live).
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