IMG: Title - TAO TE CHING, A New Translation by Akrishi
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IMG: Chinese title - Chapter 53
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Chapter 53
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53.1 Let me (alone) be clean (and) have knowingness,
(to) go along the great way.
Only fear from swaying.
53.2 The great way is extremely broad,
but people like bypaths.
53.3.1 (Now,) the imperial court (has) mostly get rid of the levees,
the fields (are) extremely overgrown with weeds,
(and) the granaries (are) extremely empty.
53.3.2 Dressing decorative patterns (and) colored silk,
(and) carrying sharp sword.
Be satiated with food and drink,
(and) having money and goods in excess.
This is called excessive stealing (of Nature's resources).
53.3.3 This (way) is definitely not (in accord with) Tao.
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