IMG: Title - TAO TE CHING, A New Translation by Akrishi
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IMG: Chinese title - Chapter 52
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Chapter 52
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52.1.1 The world has a beginning (state),
(which is regarded) to be the mother of creation.
52.1.2 Having gained the (state) of the mother,
(then with which) to know the son.
52.1.3 (And) again abide to the mother,
(then even) without (the stability of the) body, (you will) not be endangered.
52.2.1 Block his (mouth not to) speak.
Close his doorways.
(Then) throughout (his) life, (he will be) effortless.
52.2.2 Open his (mouth and) speak.
(Be involved) in numerous things.
(Then) throughout (his) life, (he will remain) helpless.
52.3.1 Seeing the minute is said to be enlightened (vision).
Holding on to the tender (impulse) is said to be strong.
52.3.2 Use his (inner) light,
(to) return back to his enlightened (vision).
(Then) the body will not be left to disaster.
52.3.3 This is called following the pattern of the ordinary (way).
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