The Jade Emperor Heart Seal Sutra

Translated by Akrishi, 19/8/2000, rev. B - 20/1/2007

Daozang 13 


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The three articles of supreme drugs for the elixir,
spirit, prana and essence.

In a trance [i.e. in an flash and in an instant],
(and) in deep obscurity,

(by) keeping nothingness and holding to Being,
instantaneously that is succeeded.


(Then by) reverting wind (of breathing air) to blend,
spiritual achievement (be gained) in a hundred days.

(And) tacitly attend towards the Supreme Lord,
ascension in one epoch [i.e. 12 years].

For the knower, (it is) easy to realize,
(but) difficult for the ignorant to do so.


Tread the morning twilight,
nourish and refreshed by exhaling and inhaling (the morning fresh air).

(Breathe) out Hsuan [i.e. collapse from nothingness to Being] and (breathe) in the (divine) feminine,
(which) seems to decease (and yet) seems to exist,

(and) continuing like a cotton thread, never ending,
with firm stem (and) deep roots.


Every man has essence.
Essence (is) together with his

Spirit (is) together with his prana.
(With) prana together, (then) body (is) real.

Not gaining this reality,
(then) all are (just) imposed names.

The spirit can penetrate stone.
The spirit can fly beyond forms (of existence).
Not getting drown in water,
(and) not being burnt in fire.
With spirit attached, forms (of existence) grow.
With essence attached, prana (is) filled full.
(Then forms of existence will) not wither (and) not be destroyed,
like an evergreen pine or cypress tree.
(This) one theory (for the) three articles,
(is) too wondrous to be heard.
(With) their gathering, then being (come to existence).
(With) their scattering, then (existence is) nil.
(When accomplished, the) seven apertures (will be) mutually connected,
with each aperture enlightened.
The holy sun and the holy moon, Note A
(will) shine brightly (on) the golden [i.e. celestial] court.
Once gained, (it is) forever gained,
(and) naturally (the) body (will be) lightened.
Supreme harmony (will) circumfuse,
(and) the bones (will) disperse cold divine wine.

Gaining the elixir, then spirituality (will be gained).
Not gaining (it), then (life will) decline.
The elixir inside the body,
is neither white nor blue.
Recite it for ten thousand times,
(then this) wondrous theory (will be) understood automatically.

IMG: Golden line

Translator's Note: The Jade Emperor Heart Seal Sutra is for daily recitation. This is a word by word translation. The words in parentheses ( ) are words added to explicate the meaning which may be omitted during recitation.



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