The Jade Emperor Embryonic Breath Sutra

Translated by Akrishi , 2007/1/15
Daozang 14

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1.1 The embryo is borne from where prana is hiding,
and prana ceases from the being of the embryo.
1.2 Prana entering the body is called as life;
Spirit going and departing form is called as death.
1.3 Knowing spirit and prana, one can long live.
So, keep to void and nothingness to nourish the spirit and prana.

Spirit acts then prana acts;
Spirit resides then prana resides.

2.2 If desire to long live,
spirit and prana should mutually attend.
3.1 Mind not moving into thoughts,
not coming and not going.
3.2 Not out nor in,
naturally always be.
3.3 Assiduously go by it,
is the real road or Tao.

IMG: Golden line

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