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Rootless Tree Ci (Poetry) by Zhang Sanfeng

Translated by Akrishi

   (with Chinese in BIG5)

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Rootless tree, the flower 1.1 is shattered,
Cling to vanity who will cease?
浮生事,苦海舟,蕩去飄來不自由。 Wretched life, sea of sufferings,
Drifting here & there ain't not free.


No shore nor end, no berth to park,
All day sail around sharks and fishes.
肯回首,是岸頭,莫待風波壞了舟。 If you repent, there is the shore,
Not till the wind & waves break your vessel.





Rootless tree, the flower is withering,
Renew old tree and graft green branch.
梅寄柳,桑接梨,傳與修真作樣兒。 Plum on willow, mulberry with pear,
Pass to devotees as an example.


Ancient method of transplanting immortals,
There is really a cure to aging.
訪明師,問方兒,下手速修猶太遲。 Seek a guru, ask for the recipe,
Proceed to practice less too late.





Rootless tree, the flower is green,
Sex-and-alcohol immortals in all ages.
煙花寨,酒肉林,不斷葷腥不犯淫。 In cabarets, feasting meat and wine,
Not abstain meat and not commit sex.


Precious of longevity will be lost with sex,
But Tao will prevail with meat wine through the guts.
打開門,說與君,無花無酒道不成。 Open the door and explain to you,
No wine nor libido then Tao not accomplished.





Rootless tree, the flower is alone,
May I ask if Yin Yang fit no kind?
雌雞卵,難抱雛,背了陰陽造化爐。 Egg of a hen, fail to hatch,
Break from Yin Yang hard to create.


Woman with no husband is a grudge woman,
Man with no wife is in the wilderness.
歎迷徒,太模糊,靜坐孤修氣轉枯。 Sigh for the lost, too muddle-headed,
With deadwood meditation Qi dries up.





Rootless tree, the flower is deviated,
Part from Yin Yang Tao not full.
金隔木,汞隔鉛,陽寡陰孤各一邊。 Metal from wood, mercury from lead 5.2,
Yin Yang each at one side, like orphan and widow.


Yin Yang on earth is like man and his mate,
Sons and grandsons, successive generations.
順為凡,逆為仙,只在中間顛倒顛。 Comply and be earthen, regress to be immortal,
Only in between top down top.

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Rootless tree, the flower is new,
Born in Southwest belly earth is man.
摘花戴,『采花心,花蕊層層豔麗春。 Pluck the flower to wear, "and pick the stamen,
Layers of stamen, beautiful like Spring.


People not realize the knowledge in flower,
This knack of heavenly secret is worth million dollars."
借花名,作花身,句句敲爻說得真。 Alias of flower, anatomy of flower,
Clearly explained in the Qiaoyao song





Rootless tree, flower is numerous,
Sweet and charming surpass cosmetics.
防猿馬,劣更頑,掛起娘生鐵面顏。 Beware the restless mind, and the heart full of whims,
Wear an iron face like your mother.


Draw the real sword of the azure dragon 7.3,
And pluck the fresh flowers off the walls
趁風帆,滿載還,怎肯空行過寶山。 Avail of the wind, and pull a full sail 7.3-4,
Through the treasure mountain how empty-handed?





Rootless tree, petals are shedding,
Wither and rebloom in fixed intervals.
鉛花現,癸盡時,依舊西園花滿枝。 Lead flower appear, when water is highest 8.2,
Once again full bloom in garden at West.


Just after tidy up facing the moon,
Now pilgrim to the sun to patch your cassock.
這玄機,世罕知,須共神仙仔細推。 This mysterious secret, hardly known to the world,
Should carefully infer together with immortals.





Rootless tree, the flower is blooming,
Pick the flower from the crescent moon pot
延年壽,減病災,好給良朋備法財, Prolong life, cure ailment and mishap,
So as to equip theurgic treasures for your friends.


From this can accomplish heavenly treasure,
Never mind the refuters mock me a fool.
勸賢才,休賣乖,不遇明師莫強猜。 Advice to the talented, don't show off your wit,
Not meet a guru don't try hard to guess.





Rootless tree, the flower is full,
Fruit and harvest, full of taste.
如朱橘,似彈丸,護守堤防莫放閑。 Like red orange, shape of a pill,
Defend the dike and don't relax.


Learn some ways to culture the plant,
Return to
life and its root to source.
選靈地,結道庵,會合先天了大還。 Pick a holy place and build an abbey,
Merge with pre-heaven to settle great reunion.

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