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Rootless Tree Ci (Poetry) by Zhang Sanfeng

Translated by Akrishi

   (with Chinese in BIG5)

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Rootless tree, with prosperous flower,
Said to be rootless but now have root.
三才竅,二五精,天地交時萬物生。 Aperture of three talents, essence of Yin Yang and  five phases,
All things born when heaven-and-earth mates.


Sun and moon mate to hot and cold seasons,
Man and woman mate then accomplish an embryo
甚分明,說與君,猶恐相逢認不真。 Just so clear, explain this to you,
Still afraid can't tell when you come across.





Rootless tree, the flower is beautiful,
Not emotional to scenery and play with moon light.
金精旺,耀眼花,莫在園中錯揀瓜, Vigorous golden essence, dazzling to the eyes,
Don't mischoose a melon instead in the garden.


Metals and stones are all unreal,
Herbal recipes are always mistakes.
金蝦蟆,玉老鴉,認得真鉛是作家。 Golden toad, jade old crow 12.4,
Know the real lead to be the author.





Rootless tree, flowers are plentiful,
Blossom all over but parted by love river.
難攀折,怎奈何,步步行行龍虎窩, What to do? Difficult to pick,
Walk with care in dragon tiger den.


Pick the yellow flower back to the cave,
Title in heaven never obliterated.
笑呵呵!白雲啊!準備天梯上大羅。 Ha ha ha! Oh! White clouds.
Prepare staircase to highest heaven.





Rootless tree, the flower is fragrant,
Lead tripod gentle warm and show treasure light.
金橋上,望曲江,月裡分明見太陽, On the golden bridge, gaze at winding river 14.2,
Clearly the sun seen inside the moon.


Swallow golden crow liver 14.3 and rabbit marrow,
Replace all the dusty old intestines.
名利場,恩愛鄉,再不回頭空自忙。 Vanity Fair, world of romance,
Never to return to hustle and emptiness.

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Rootless tree, the flower is fresh,
Fire and
talisman 15.1 cooking lead and mercury.
臨爐際,景現前,採取全憑渡法船, Look down to the pot verge, scenery showing ahead,
Pick and gather by cross with theurgic boat.


Master excels in firmly hold the rudder,
Never mind the big waves in the upset sea.
過三關,透泥丸,早把通身九竅穿。 Pass the three gates 15.4, and penetrate the crown.
Piercing through the nine apertures of the body.





Rootless tree, the flower is rich,
know the real lead to be true ancestor.
精氣神,一鼎烹,女轉成男老變童, Essence Prana and spirit, cook in one tripod,
Female into male and old man become boy.


Prior to go west to catch the tiger,
First go east to subdue the dragon.
類相同,好用功,外藥通時內藥通。 Drugs of same type is good to make use,
Outer drug unobstructed then same is inner drug.





Rootless tree, the flower is charming,
On earth react to tides but to stars from the sky.
屠龍劍,縛虎條,運轉天罡斡斗梢, Dragon slaying sword, and tiger tying rope,
Revolve the ladle handle of the pole star.


Smelt a pot of real sun and moon,
Sweep away all other three thousand heresies.
步雲霄,任逍遙,罪垢凡塵一筆消。 Walk on top of the sky, how carefree,
Sins and mortal filths wipe out in one stroke.





Rootless tree, the flower is tall,
Waves dashing high with moon playing with tides.
銀河路,透九霄,槎影橫空泊斗梢, The Milky Way road, up to the nine skies,
Sail across the sky and anchor at pole star.


Trace the loom stone of the Weaver Maid 18.3.1,
tread with Cowhand ride on magpie bridge
遇仙曹,膽氣豪,盜得瑤池王母桃。 Meet a heavenly officer, brave and bold,
steal a peach from the heavenly jade garden.

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