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Rootless Tree Ci (Poetry) by Zhang Sanfeng

Translated by Akrishi

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Rootless tree, the flower in pair,
Dragon tiger appear and fight on the scene.
Lead casted into mercury, Yin concoct with Yang,
Theurgical form of
millet pearl is worth priceless.
This is the real seed of homestead,
Turn old man to boy and long live.
Ascend to heaven, way to pure bliss,
Refrain from rebirth not to meet king of hell.


Rootless tree, the flower is rare,
Grow it in the moon for a moment.
Cloud grabbing hands, walk on ladders of clouds,
Fetch the pre-heavenly first flower.
Drink wine enjoy flower feeling so well,
So much fun to immortal elders with me dead-drunk.
Entrust to the heart, carefully safeguard,
For fear that fire surge up and down in the pot.


Rootless tree, the flower is yellow,
Born in the central village of earth.
Girl from the East, and youth from the West,
Enter the bridal chamber man and wife.
Yellow old woman 21.3 urge you to drink the ghee wine,
And get drunken one scene every day.
This celestial recipe, life saving juice,
Return death to life is king of drugs.

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Rootless tree, the flower is brilliant,
Lunar soul
 22.1.1 at celestial heart 22.1.2 approaching the sun soul 22.1.1.
The golden crow's marrow, and the jade rabbit's essence,
Catch the two things and cook them together.
Yang fire Yin talisman in separated meridian,
and shower pouring at dusk and dawn.
Hold to yellow court 22.4, nourished by divine stream,
Male be pregnant so ridiculous.


Rootless tree, the flower is red,
Pick all the red flowers now empty tree.
Form is empty, emptiness is the form,
Thoroughly discern that emptiness is in forms.
Know clearly emptiness then forms will perish,
but theurgical form long last not come to naught.
Called perfectly penetrating, great hero of truth,
All ancestors ascend to nine skies.


Rootless tree, the flower is naught,
No image no form hard to draw.
No name nor surname, yet listen to call,
Catch into the middle pot of creation.
Revolve the heavenly cycle fire of samadhi,
Smelt the emptiness to great nothingness.
Report to immortal' capital, and receive the heavenly talisman,
Then is a man among men.

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