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Ci (Poetry) by Lu Dongbin to the tune of
Qinyuanchun (Spring in the Princess Garden)

with Selected Commentaries Note - C

Translated by Akrishi, 2008/1/5 

(with Chinese in BIG5)

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On the Winding River,
B: 人之小腸,九盤十二曲,謂之曲江也。 B: The human small intestines are with many twists and turns, so called the Winding River.
4.2 看月華瑩淨, is seen the moonlight with pure lustre.
C:《翠虛篇》云:『西南路上月華明,大藥還從此處生。記得古人詩一句,曲江之上鵲橋橫。』古仙本以小腸有九盤十二曲,是為曲江,後人復以鼻口之間為曲江,二說俱通。而翠虛又以西南路上,發明其說,可謂深切著明矣。蓋西南屬坤,坤為腹,藥生於丹田之時,陽氣上達,麗於目而有光,故自目至臍,一路皆虛白晃耀,如月華之明也。 C: In the Cuixupian, it is said, "On the Southwest road is the bright moonlight, the great drug again is born here. Remember the verse of an ancient poem saying: the magpie bridge across the winding river".   Ancient immortals consider the small intestines are with many twists and turns, so it is called the Winding River. Later people also consider the Winding River as in between the mouth and the nose. Both view are in common use.   And this explanation of Cuixu with the Southwest road can be said to be profound and clear. Because the Southwest direction belongs to the trigram Kun, and Kun is the abdomen. When the drug is borned in the field of elixir, the Yang prana extend upwards, shining within the eyes. So all the way from the narvel to the eyes is virtually white and shiny, like the lustre of the moonlight.
4.3 有個烏飛。 And there is a crow flying.
A: 至無之中,煉出至有。見金烏飛入廣寒闕,太陽移在月明中。金烏為陽中之真陰,玉免乃陰中之真陽也。 A: Extreme being is refined out of extreme nothingness. See the golden crow fly into the moon palace, the sun move into the moonlight.   The golden crow is the real Yin inside Yang, the jade rabbit is the real Yang inside Yin.
C: 有箇烏飛者,身中之天地交,坎離合,二氣絪縕,結成一滴露珠,而飛落丹田中也。 The sentence "there is a crow flying" happens when heaven and earth mates within the body. The trigram Kan (representing water) and Li (representing fire) unites, the two prana mist, and congeal into a drop of dew, flying into the field of the elixir.


At that time, I drink the Daogui by myself,
5.2 C: 醫書言方寸匕,又言刀圭者,刀頭圭角,些子而已。自飲云者,遍歷三宮,降而入口 ...《翠虛篇》不云乎:『採之煉之未片餉,一氣渺渺通三關,三關來往氣無窮,一道白脈朝泥丸,泥丸之上紫金鼎,鼎中一塊紫金團,化為玉漿流入口,香甜清爽遍舌端。』 C: In the books of medicine, that which is called dagger of a square inch, or daogui, is a pointed tablet of the knife meaning just a little.   So called drink by myself is when, after traversing the three houses, descend into the mouth ... In the Cuixupian, it is said, "Pick and refine it for a moment, vaguely one prana transverse the three passes. Coming and going through the three passes the prana is inexhaustible, and a white beam pulse to the crown of the head. Above the crown is a violet gold cauldon, in which is a piece of violet gold, that melts into jade juice and flows into the mouth, sweet and fragrant, refreshing at the apex of the tongue".
5.3 又誰信無中就養兒。 And who will believe one can give birth to a child from nothingness.
A: 本來清靜虛空之體,從無中生出有來,如婦人懷胎,神攢氣結而丹成矣,玄文至此一束。 A: From the original pure and clear body of nothingness, Being is born from nothingness, like a woman being pregnant, spirit assemble and prana congeal to accomplish the elixir.
[Here ends the main body]

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