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Ci (Poetry) by Lu Dongbin to the tune of
Qinyuanchun (Spring in the Princess Garden)

with Selected Commentaries Note - C

Translated by Akrishi, 2008/12/28 

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1.1 Before reverting to the elixir with seven homebound cycles,
1.1.1 A: In the Yellow River Diagram, the number seven is for the accomplishment of creation of fire.
1.1.2 A: Go and come back, i.e. revolving.
1.1.3 A: Revert to what it inherently is. That has been lost from pre-heavenly, now reverted from outer back to inner, from that revert back to myself.
1.1.4 A: The elixir is congealed from the essence of the crow and the rabbit, so the word for elixir is a hieroglyph combining the word for sun and moon.
1.2-3 we should first refine ourselves and wait for the time to come. Note 1.3
1.3 A: Wait for the time to come, and wait for the sign to arrive. This time is namely the lively midnight hour. Hour being called as lively means it is not the midnight according to the clock.


The first one Yang starts to move,
A: During winter solstice on earth, one Yang rise from below the nine earth when Yin is extreme. Because Yang is born when Yin is extreme.
2.2 when the water clock flows at midnight.
A: In the beginning of the practice, when not skillful and be afraid of missing the opportunity, one usually set up a clock to know the correct time.   When skillful, with seed in the field of elixir, then essence will be borne when the time come, and the spirit will be aware of this even when sleeping. So no need to ask someone to wake you up, and no need for a clock.
2.3 Lukewarm in the tripod caldron for lead,
B: The tripod caldron for cooking lead is the tripod for creation of lead.   Lukewarm means a fire sufficient to keep its warmth, so that the elixir is accomplished cultivating in warmth. Master Piling said, "The golden tripod should always keep boiling water for warming, don't let the fire cool down in the jade pot".
2.4 and light through the curtains.
C: The curtain is the eyes. When the eyelids are lowered looking downwards, it is like a lowered curtain.
3.1 Creation striving and galloping,
A: Because Yang desires to dominate, but on its first arrival it is still small, whereas Yin desires to retreat, yet not possible in a hurry.
3.2 with the dragon and tiger copulating,
In the Zhouyi cantong qi, it is said, "The dragon exhale to the tiger, the tiger inhale the essence of the dragon. The two eat and drink each other, swallow and amalgamate each other".   When making the elixir, the essential is to let mind and breath be interdependent, then prana accumulate and spirit congeal, and copulate to become the drug ... So there should first be the copulation of Yin and Yang, with drug in the field of elixir, then you can advance the fire.
3.3 while practicing the advancing of the fire through the constellations of Ox, Dipper and Encampment.
C: The Ox, Dipper and Encampment mansion represent positions inside the body for degree of heating of the fire. The so called practice of advancing the fire originates from the earthly branch of zi (i.e. north) and convey from the earthly branch of the yin (i.e. 60o north), like heaven's sprouting of creation is in the earthly branch of zi and emerge from the earthly branch of the yin.   In the Zhouyi cantong qi, it is said, "Start from Northwest, the home of Winnowing Basket and Dipper Mansion, revolve and turn right, throwing up the wheel and the bud".   In the Cuixupian, it is said, "There is the mother and the son in separated foetal way. The wonder is in the Tail, Winnowing Basket, Dipper, Ox and Girl Mansion". These are of the same meaning.

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