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IMG: Title - The Tenet of the Golden Flower of Great Duality

The Tenet of the Golden Flower of Great Duality
(The Secret of the Golden Flower)

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Chapter Seven - Lively Method for Reverting Light Note - DDB
The Patriarch Lu said:
7.1.1 While practicsing reverting light accordingly, do not abandon proper duties. The ancients said, Should respond to things and see through objects when they come.
7.1.2 If you manage things with proper thought, i.e. light not turned by objects, then light will revert by itself.
7.1.3 This ever and again reverting light can still be practised when having no mental image, moreover there is the reverting light when really showing mental image.


If in daily use, one can revert light all the time while following things, and not to show mental image that separate others and me at all, this is reverting light anywhere. This is the primary wonderful functioning.


And if one is able to rid oneself of all causes, sit and meditate for one to two hours in early morning, then it is most wonderful.
7.2.3 Whenever responding to things or contacting objective things, only use the "mental reflection" method, then will not be cut off or separated for even one instant. Practicising like this for two to three months, those men of realities from Heaven will surely come to validate.

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