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IMG: Title - The Tenet of the Golden Flower of Great Duality

The Tenet of the Golden Flower of Great Duality
(The Secret of the Golden Flower)

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Chapter Six - Signs of Efficacy in Reverting Light Note - DDB
The Patriarch Lu said:
6.1 Signs of efficacy are also many, which can not be taken by man of small spiritual root and small capability, instead one must think of redeeming all beings. And can not be taken with negligence and slight, have to engage in these words.
6.2.1 Experiencing an uninterrupted continuum in tranquility, with delighted and pleasant expression, as if drunk and as if taking a warm bath, this is Yang harmonious throughout the body, which is sign of the golden flower blooming just now.
6.2.2 Afterwards, experience all sounds of nature completely still, with bright moon high up in the sky, and the earth all bright and shining. This is sign of the mental body opening up - the golden flower is blossoming.


Afterwards, experiencing substantially real throughout the body, and do not fear frost-weathering. What people regard as dispiriting, my spirit is more vigorous encountering it. Nonperishable like gold built houses and white jade platform. Even rotten things in the world immediately come to life when I blow breath on it. With red blood as milk for the holy embryo, the fleshy agglomerate of seven feet [i.e. my body] becomes nothing but golden treasure. This is golden flower greatly congealed.
6.3.1 The first paragraph is, as said in the Contemplation Sutra, contemplation of the setting sun, expanse of water, and rows of jewelled trees. Note - 6.3.1a The setting sun, establishing base from chaos, is unboundedness. The highest good is like water, clear and impeccable, this is the tai-chi dominating, the emperor (also means flower) emerging from the East (the direction of the trigram Zhen). Zhen is wood, so symbolized by rows of trees. Seven rows of jewelled trees means seven apertures enlightened.
Note - 6.3.1b From northwest, the direction of the trigram Qian, shift one place to north is the trigram Kan [i.e. water]. The sun setting on expanse of water is symbolic of the transformation from Qian to Kan. The trigram Kan is the north direction. At winter solstice, thunder (represented by the trigram Zhen) is inside earth [i.e. the trigram Kun], rumbling indistinctly, until (the bottom line of Kun changes to Yang and the trigram) transformed to Zhen, then Yang emerge from the earth [i.e. Kun], and this is symbolized by rows of trees. The rest can be deduced similarly.
6.3.2 The second paragraph laid its foundation from here: Water freezed into big ground of ice, into jewelled ground of coloured glaze, when light gradually congealed. This is why first having the flower bud platform, then have the Buddha. The golden [i.e. celestial] nature having appeared, what else can it be but the Buddha. The Buddha is just golden [i.e. celestial] immortal of great awakening. Note - 6.3.2 This is just a big paragraph on signs of efficacy.
6.4 Signs of efficacy that can be verified at present are three:
6.4.1 One is that sit and the spirit depart, as if in a valley, and hear people speaking, as if miles apart, but each word clearly heard. Like echos in a valley, sound entering have not been unable to hear, yet I have not heard any. This is spirit in a valley, that can readily be verified by oneself.

One is that in tranquility eyesight seething, and all white before the eyes as if in clouds. Open the eyes to seek the body, but nothing can be seen. This is "white light lit up in the virtual room" Note - 6.4.2 - lit up thoroughly in and out, and "auspiciousness staying" Note - 6.4.2.

6.4.3 One is that in tranquility the fleshy body mists, like a cotton fibre or like jade misting. As if can not hold to sitting state, but steaming and floating up. This is spirit returning to Heaven above the crown of the head, and if for long time, the levitation can stand and stay.
6.5 All these three signs can be verified at present, yet still not every detail can be told. Depending on the spiritual root and capability of the individual, everyone will show distinctive excellency. As said in the practice of samatha-vipasyana, marks of good roots appearing. This thing is like a man drinking water, only he himself knows whether it is cold or warm. Only when one trusts his own experience, then it is real.
6.6 The one primordial prana is seeked by oneself in these verification experience. If gaining this one prana, then the elixir also instantly accomplished, which is one pill of real millet pearl. "One pill again one pill, from subtle to apparent" Note - 6.6. There is one primordial pill ever and again, and one primordial pill of totality, and even immeasurable number of pills. One pill has the power of one pill. This requires big aspiration of oneself, which is the first commitment.

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