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IMG: Title - The Tenet of the Golden Flower of Great Duality

The Tenet of the Golden Flower of Great Duality
(The Secret of the Golden Flower)

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Chapter Five - Mistakes and Fallacies in Reverting Light Note - DDB
The Patriarch Lu said:
5.1.1 Gradually all of you become adept at the practice. Yet before reaching the state of being like a withered wood on the cliff, there are many ups and downs, which I want to begin to point out in detail.
5.1.2 The tidings here can only be known by direct experience, and this now I can speak on.
5.1.3 My sect is different from Zen, as we have step by step signs of efficacy. Let me first speak on the deviations, and then on the signs of efficacy.
5.2.1 When about to practice the tenet, first make convenience, don't use your mind too much. Let it be lively, and make prana harmonious, mind in comfort, then sit in to meditate.
5.2.2 In meditation, need to gain the triggering mechanism and the aperture, do not sit and do nothing, so called not to remember emptiness. In putting aside myriad causes, just be wakeful in oneself.
5.2.3 Also should not take enthusiasm. If take it too serious, then easily have this situation. Not to say don't take it serious, but real tidings exist in the gap where existence seems to be and seems to be lost, and this can only be gained with while without intention. In wakefulness without gloominess, lay down and be oneself.
5.3.1 Also should not fall into the realm of skandhas. So called the realm of skandhas, is where the five dark demons are in power. If in general, in steadiness of mind during meditation, there is little feeling of warm Spring coming to earth, but mostly feelings like that of a withered wood and dead embers, this is falling into the realm of darkness [i.e. Yin]. Its prana is cold, and breath deep, and also with many visions of cold and decay. If for long time, then fall into stocks and stones.
5.3.2 Also should not follow the myriad causes. If entering silence, and for no reason trains of thought suddenly come, and can not get rid of them, but feel comfortable following them, this is named the master enslaved by the servant. If for long time, will fall into the form realm and the desire realm.

The superior ones get born in Heaven, and the inferior ones get born among fox, e.g. fox spirits are such people. They enjoy sex, flowers and fruits, jade trees and fairy grasses in famous mountains, for three or five hundred years, maximium a few thousand years, and when retribution get exhausted, will reborn in the various destinies.

5.3.3 These few are all wrong paths. Knowing the wrong paths, then one can seek signs of efficacy.

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