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IMG: Title - The Tenet of the Golden Flower of Great Duality

The Tenet of the Golden Flower of Great Duality
(The Secret of the Golden Flower)

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Chapter Two - Primordial spirit, Discerning Spirit
The Patriarch Lu said:
2.1 The Heaven-and-earth sees man as mayfly. The great Tao sees Heaven-and-Earth also as visionary bubble. Only the primordial spirit of real born nature, goes beyond time cycles and excels it.   Its prana and essence corrupt together with Heaven-and-Earth. Yet with the presence of the primordial spirit, being unbounded, Heaven and Earth can be created from this.
2.2 If the disciple can guard and protect the primordial spirit, then he can reincarnate outside Yin and Yang, beyond the three realms. This is only by revealing one's born nature, the so called original face.
2.3 When a mortal takes shelter in an embryo, the primordial spirit resides in the square inch (in between the eyebrows), and the discerning spirit resides in the lower heart.   The lower heart of blood and flesh, is of shape like a big peach, with the lungs to cover and shelter it, the liver to assist it, and the intestines to bear it.
2.4 If one does not eat for one day, the heart will feel very uneasy. Such that it throbs when hearing something fearful, and stifles when hearing something enraging. Seeing death, then it feels sad. Seeing beauty, then dazzled. But the celestial heart on top, when has it ever slighty move a little?
2.5 Asked if the celestial heart can not move? The real intention in the square inch (in between the eyebrows), how can it move?   When it moves, then it is no good, yet also most wonderful.
2.6 At the time when a mortal dies, it moves. This is no good.   What is most wondrous is when the light has already congealed to become the theurgical body, gradually becoming intelligent and desires to move. This is the secret not conveyed throughout ages.

The lower discerning mind, is like a strong vassal or bold general, who deceives the fatuous and weak emperor, and takes charge of the law and order in the far off place. As time passes, it is like surrendering the handle of your sword to others.   Now fix and keep attention on the primordial house, like a brilliant emperor sitting high on the throne.   Revert light from the two eyes, like ministers assisting wholeheartedly on both sides. With internal affairs strictly in order, then naturally all treacherous heroes will present themselves with lances reversed ready to take orders.

2.8 The Tao [i.e. the way] of the elixir considers the 3 elements of the watery essence, the fiery spirit and the earthy intention as the supreme knack.   What is the watery essence? It is the pre-heavenly prana of real unity. The fiery spirit is namely light. And the earthy intention is namely the celestial heart at the middle house. The watery essence is the base, giving rise to the body of the earthy intention, which functions through the fiery spirit.
2.9 The body of a mortal is borned from intention. This body is not only the body which is seven feet tall, because the ghost in white is also inside the body.   The ghost in white adheres to the discerning consciousness to function. The discerning consciousness adheres to the ghost in white to live.   The ghost in white is Yin, being the body of the discerning consciousness. If the discerning consciousness is not interrupted, then generation after generation it continues, during which the ghost in white has transformed and changed its quality many many times.
2.10 Only the nebulous ghost, is where the spirit hides. In daytime the nebulous ghost stays in the eyes. At night, it takes shelter in the liver. Staying in the eyes, it sees. Taking shelter in the liver, it dreams.   Dreams are visiting of the spirit. In an instant, it experienced all over the nine skies and nine earths. In sleep, it is in deep silence, being detained by the body, i.e. detained by the ghost in white.
2.11 So, revert the light to temper the nebulous ghost, so as to preserve the spirit, so as to check the ghost in white, so as to interrupt discerning consciousness. The ancient's method to escape from this world, is just to temper all dregs of Yin, so as to return to pure Qian (the creative power) - Just to annihilate the ghost in white and perfect the nebulous ghost. Reverting the light, is the knack to annihilate Yin to check the ghost in white. Although it can not achieve returning to Qian, but only the knack to revert light. As light is namely Qian, revert to it is the same as returning to Qian.
2.12 Only keeping to this method, then naturally the watery essence will be sufficient, for the fiery spirit to bloom, and the earthy intention to congeal and settle, then the holy embryo can be borne.   The dung beetle rolls ball of dung, and give birth to life, this is purely achieved by attention of the spirit.   Even in balls of dung can an embryo be grown till it shed its shell, if we put attention to the celestial heart where the spirit rests, how can a body not be born?
2.13 The Holy Spirit of our real born nature, having descended into the house of Qian (where creation begins), then differentiates into the nebulous ghost and the ghost in white .   Being at the celestial heart, the nebular ghost is Yang, being clear and light prana. This comes from the Great Void, and are the same form as primality.   The ghost in white is Yin, being dense and turbid prana, attaches to the mortal heart of bodily form.
2.14 The nebulous ghost is fond of life, the ghost in white seeks death. All sensuality and excitement are deeds of the ghost in white, i.e. the discerning spirit.   After death, it enjoys feeding on blood sacrifice. When alive, it suffers greatly, because Yin returns to Yin, through the principle of like attracts like.   If the disciple can temper all of the ghost in white of Yin, then he is purely Yang.

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