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IMG: Title - The Tenet of the Golden Flower of Great Duality

The Tenet of the Golden Flower of Great Duality
(The Secret of the Golden Flower)

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"The Tenet of the Golden Flower of Great Duality" (known to the West as "The Secret of the Golden Flower") is one of the most important Taoist classics on the theory of cultivating the elixir.   The author of this classic is attributed to the famous Chinese immortal Lu Dongbin (798 A.D. - ?) who is believed to have lived on earth for more than 800 years.

However, this classic was not written by Lu Dongbin in person while he dwelled on earth, but rather through spirit-writing to seven of his devotees in 1668 A.D.   Perhaps because the pre-heavenly approach described in this classic is quite different from the post-heavenly approach prevailing at that time (and even nowadays), the spirit-writing of this classic was neglected until 24 years later (1692 A.D.) when the same classic was revealed again during another spirit-writing seance, and the devotees were blamed for not publishing it. Finally, it got published in 1775 A.D.

Perhaps because of its questionable and unusual origin, and the fact that Chinese scholars found quite big difference between the elixir theory mentioned in this classic and other works of Lu Dongbin, this classic was neglected by most Chinese scholars and also by many Taoists.   But, ironically, this classic became famous to the West through the German translation by Richard Wilhelm, with the introduction and commentary written by the famous Carl Jung, the founder of Analytical psychology, published under the title "Das Geheimnis der Goldenen Blüte: ein chinesisches Lebensbuch" in 1929 A.D.   From the German translation, this classic was translated into English in 1931 A.D. and became known as "The Secret of the Golden Flower". Later, it was translated to Japanese and also other languages and became well known worldwide.

In fact, this classic stands as one of the few Taoist classics that documents the Taoist orthodox pre-heavenly approach to cultivating the golden elixir - in the same lineage as the "Tao Teh Ching", "Guan Yinzi" (or known as "Wenshi Zhenjing") and the "Jade Emperor Heart Seal Sutra" (Yuhuang Xinyin Jing), and actually the most detailed one.

But despite of its popularity, the original German translation by Richard Wilhelm is not exact and far from complete, probably due to his lack of knowledge on the theory and personal experience in the practice of cultivating the golden elixir.   Now, working with this new translation, I hope to shed some light on this concealed gem for uplifting mankind to their true nature.


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