Tao / the Way

The structure of the Chinese word "Dao" for Tao has the head on top and "chuo" in the bottom which means walking and stopping intermittently. Together this signifies the descent of the Holy Spirit from heaven into the head which is namely the female hsuan [i.e. the collapse]. And being flushed (or filled) by the Holy Spirit, one can live life in accord with Natural Law (i.e. the Way of Nature). [NB. See my translation of chapter 6 and 4 of the "Tao Teh Ching" for more details.]   This is why in "Guan Yinzi", it was said: "So said to be heaven, said to be life, said to be spirit, said to be hsuan, combined is said to be Tao." .

In Chinese, there are threefold meanings of the word "Dao":
1) To tell - e.g. In Church, when the preacher preaches, in Chinese, we say he is telling Tao;
2) To instruct or guide - as in spiritual guidance. The modern Chinese word for this is "dao" ;
3) A path or the way (that one has been guided or led) - e.g. the Way of Nature.

See also glossary on "Teh".