The Hundred Words Stele
by Lu Dongbin

Translated by Akrishi

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Nourish prana by holding to giving up speech,
and subdue mind in acting and not acting.

Know the ancestor throughout silence and dynamism,
and with nothing in mind who else to seek?

The real ordinary mind should response to object sensed,
but in responding should not get lost.

Not get lost then the nature of one's mind will reside by itself,
and when mind's nature resides, then prana will revert by itself.

With prana reverted, elixir will be borne by itself,
as Kan [i.e. water] and Li [i.e. fire] concocted in the pot.

Yin and Yang generated repeatedly by each other,
until generalized into a clap of thunder.

White clouds pilgrim to above our head,
and sprinkle sweet dew on Meru [i.e. on top of our head].

Then one drink the wine of immortality,
in an ecstasy who can get to know.

Sit and listen to hymns not sounded by strings,
thus thoroughly know the mechanics of creation and manifestation.

Do all these twenty lines,
target upright to ascend heavenly staircase.

IMG: Golden line

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