Welcome to My site. I Am an artist of anime and fantasy art. I can also do nature. Requests are welcomed in my guestbook. Please inform me of any broken links, and have a nice time.

News (year 2006)

May 14: Click the new link to see some of the artwork I saw in the Metropolitan museum

June 2: new hand-drawn pictures, new

June18: sorry for the long wait! i'm adding a bunch of hand drawn drawings, and I have a Deviant Art account, where i'll put some other art

September 23: lots of new drawings on deviantart. Adding a counter so people can see how badly I need visitors....SPREAD THE WORD.

special notes:
plaease visit the hand drawn section first
my computer art isn't my best

some of the characters in my art are copywrited characters, and are for fan purposes only. I don't profit from them.

All other artwork is subject to copywrite
Please ask permission before displaying my art

Pictures in the hand drawn section are added from the top down, so the newest are on the bottom.


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