Phoebe Halliwell(Alyssa Milano)
Birth Name(s) : Alyssa Jayne Milano                               Date of Birth: December 19, 1972 
Sex: Female Status:  Married 
Profession: Actor  Partner: Cinjun Autust
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Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003) .... Cyndi
Kiss the Bride (2002) .... Amy Kayne
Buying the Cow (2002) .... Amy
"Diamond Hunters" (2001) (mini) TV Series .... Tracey Van der Byl
Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure (2001) (V) (voice) .... Angel: a Street Dog (speaking)
Women of Charmed, The (2000) (TV) .... Herself/Phoebe Halliwell
Celebrity Profile: Alyssa Milano (1999) (TV) .... Herself
Blink 182: The Urethra Chronicles (1999) (V) .... Josie
"Charmed" (1998) TV Series .... Phoebe Halliwell
Goldrush: A Real Life Alaskan Adventure (1998) (TV) .... Frances Ella Fitz
"Melrose Place" (1992) TV Series .... Jennifer Mancini (1997-1998)
Hugo Pool (1997) .... Hugo Dugay
Below Utopia (1997) .... Susanne
Jimmy Zip (1996)
Public Enemies (1996) .... Amaryllis
To Brave Alaska (1996) (TV) .... Denise Harris
Glory Daze (1996) .... Chelsea
Fear (1996) .... Margo Masse
Deadly Sins (1995) .... Cristina
Poison Ivy II (1995) .... Lily
Surrogate, The (1995) (TV) .... Amy Winslow
Embrace of the Vampire (1994) .... Charlotte
Double Dragon (1994) .... Marian Delario
Confessions of a Sorority Girl (1994) (TV) .... Rita Summers
Conflict of Interest (1993) .... Eve
Webbers, The (1993) .... Fan
Candles in the Dark (1993) (TV) .... Sylvia Velliste
Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story (1993) (TV) .... Amy Fisher
Little Sister (1992) .... Diana
Where the Day Takes You (1992) .... Kimmy
Voices that Care (1991) (TV) .... Choir Member
Speed Zone! (1989) .... Lurleen
Teen Steam (1988) (V) .... Herself
Dance 'Til Dawn (1988) (TV) .... Shelley Sheridan
Crash Course (1988/I) (TV) .... Vanessa Crawford
Canterville Ghost, The (1986) (TV) .... Jennifer
Commando (1985) .... Jenny Matrix
"Who's the Boss?" (1984) TV Series .... Samantha 'Sam' Micelli
Old Enough (1984) .... Diane 
"Who's the Boss" (1983) TV daughter of Tony Danza, Alyssa Milano, won the hearts of audiences nation-wide as a rough and tumble tomboy. She has since gone on to more adult roles such as Jennifer Mancini on "Melrose Place" (1997-98) and controversial ad layouts for Candies perfume. She posed nude in 1993 for Bikini magazine. 
"It's nice to be important, but it's important to always be nice."
Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano) is the middle sister in charmed. She was the little sister until they found out about Paige when Prue died. Her powers are levitate, Premonitions, and empath. The things that she has been turned into are mermaid, woogyman,queen of the underworld, banshee, and alot of more things. She was married to cole but then she got divorce.
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