Prophet (s.a.w.)'s Belongings
Prophet (s.a.w.)'s Bows
Prophet (s.a.w.)'s Sandle
Zul Fiqar: Ali Bin Abu Talib's sword, from Prophet (s.a.w.)
Prophet (s.a.w.)'s hair
Prophet (s.a.w.)'s turban, to keep the boiling sun away.
Prophet (s.a.w.)'s sword called Hatf. It is said that this sword belonged to Prophet Dawud (David). He recieved it when he killed Galut (Goliath).
This is the picture on the sword of Battar King Daud (David) cutting of Galut (Goliath)'s head.
Prophet (s.a.w.)'s sword called AL Battar. It is also called the Sword of the Prophets. It has inscribed the names of almost all Prophets on it.
Prophet (s.a.w.)'s clothes
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