Graves of Prophets and very Pious people
Imam Shafi'i's (r.a.) Tomb
Yahya (John the Babtist) (a.s.)'s Tomb
Harun (Aaron) (a.s.)'s Tomb
Tomb of Shuhayb (a.s.)
Abel Bin Adam (a.s.)'s Tomb (first muder victim in the world)
Prophet Saleh (a.s.)'s Tomb
Imam Bukhari (r.a.)'s Tomb
Bilal (r.a.)'s Tomb
Supposedly, the grave of Prophet Noah (Nuh) (a.s.)
Supposedly, the graves of Prophet Seth (a.s.) and Prophet Idris (Enoch) (a.s.)
Prophet Joshua (Youshua) (a.s.)'s Tomb
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