Moses (Musa) a.s.
He was Moses bin Imran bin Qahath bin Azar bin Levy bin Jacob bin Isaac bin Abraham. *Bin means "son of" in Arabic. Moses is mentioned the most times in the Holy Quran,
Birth of Moses (a.s.)
It was predicted by astronomers and  "soothsayers" at that time that a great power would come and would cause the Pharaoh 's power to come to an end. As cause of this Pharaoh  had every newborn baby (male) killed. Unfortunetly, Moses was also born at that time, but Allah didn't want  the life of Moses to end at that time, He had a very unique task to do.

His (Moses's) mother places him in a basket and placed him in the river and watched him travel down the Nile with tearfull eyes.

Co-incedently, Pharaoh's Palace was built right next to the Nile, so Moses ended up in the House of the Pharoh. The wife of the Pharaoh  was there and saw Moses and immedietly picked him up and took him to the Pharaoh  asking him to raise and adopt him as their own. The Pharaoh  objected at first but his wife convinced to keep him.

And so God willed Moses to live and grow up in the House of his enemy without knowing anything.

Moses (a.s.) kills
While Moses was walking he saw two men fighting, and Israelite (his own people) and Egyption.The Israelites used to be proud to know that the Pharaoh 's adopted son was an Israelite himself. So when the Israelite pleaded help from Moses against the Egyption, Moses came to him (Egyption) and struck him with his fist and killed him. The Egyption was a disbeliever; nonetheless, Moses did not intend to kill him only to restrain him.
That is why Moses said: "This is a work of Satan, surely, he is a manifest misleading enemy. He prayed: O my Lord! I have wronged myself. So please forgive me. So Allah forgave him. He is All- forgiving, the Most-Mercifull. He said: My Lord! Due to what you have bestowed upon me. I shall never be a help to those who sin."
Moses goes to the Pharaoh
It is said in the Quran that Moses and Aaron (Moses's brother) went to Pharaoh, and conveyed to him the Divine Message and the purpose of their mission, to invite them to worship Allah alone. And that he should release the Israelites and let them go.

Pharaoh showed his arrogance saying: "Did we not raise you up among us as a child, and you stayed among us for many years of your life? And then you did that deed which you did, while you were of the ungrateful."

Moses replied: "I did it, then, when I was in error, then I fled from you when I feared you; but my Lord granted me wisdom and made me one of the Messengers." (26:20,21).

"And they denied them (the signs) wrongfully and out of prode, through their souls ackonowledged them. So see what was the end of those who acted corruptly." (27:14)

To proove that the sign of Allah (given to Moses) was fake, the Pharaoh brought the greatest magicians of Egypt to challenge Moses.

Before they show off their magic, Moses came to them and rebuked them from showing off their magic against Allah's signs. They refused.

"They said: O Moses! Will you throw it first?' He said: 'You throw it first.' And so it appeared to him by their magic, that their ropes and staff were moving. So Moses conceived a fear within him. We said:'Fear not, certainly you have the upper hand. And throw down what is in you right hand, and it shall devour all they have faked, for they have faked only with the magician's trick, and the magician will never succeed wherever he goes." (20:65-69).

When Moses threw down the stick it turned into a huge snake and devoured all the other ropes and sticks one by one. People started to flee from the place in fear. When the magicians saw this they fell prostating to Allah, without fear from the Pharaoh they openly said: "We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses."

Moses (a.s.) on Mount Tur
When Moses had the accident (killing), the Pharaoh  got very mad knowing that he killed the Egyption. So, to avoid the Pharaoh 's rage He set off to the land of Madyan. There he met a group of Men, at a well, feeding their flock. There were also two sisters who were there to water their flock (The Bible says seven). Moses enquired them: "What is the matter with you?" The two sisters replied: "We cannot draw water until the shepherds have gone away, and our father is a very old man." Upon that, Moses drew water for them.

Ibn Abbas (r.a.) said: Moses went from Egypt to Madyan eating only plants and leaves. He was barefooted and his stomach was stuck to his back as a result of hunger, and he desperetly needed some decent food.

So the Father of the two sisters invited Moses in and gave him food and water. He also made a commitment to Moses, if he stayed and worked for the sister's father for eight years he would give him one of his daughter's hand in marriage. And if he served him for ten years he would be very greatfull, which he did and he got married to one of them.

After fulfilling the term, He and his family left for Egypt. He wanted to see his family (mother e.t.c.). It is said that the journey was on a dark and cold night. They lost their way and couldn't see anything. While he was wandering about he spotted a fire (which no one else saw except Him) on Mount Tur. It is also clrea from another verse in Surat Ta-Ha:

"And have you heard the story of Moses? When he perceived a fire, he said to his family: 'Wait here, I have seen a fire, perhaps I shall bring you a burning brand from it, or I may find at the fire a guide."

Allah said: "When he came to the fire, he was called from the right side of the valley from a tree in the blessed ground: 'O Moses! I am Allah, the Lord of the Worlds." (28:30). He was then given two signs to proove his Prophethood to the Pharoh: A glowing white hand and a walking stick that can be turned into a snake.

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