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This site created by: Gene Noel for family, friends, and those who'd like to be

Hot as Hell?

(Fahrenheit212 is the temp. water boils)

Compared to a Lake of Fire it's a sprinkler squirt.

Don't stop till you get to the bottom of this! (page)

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Virtual Tour is real time video-cam of the Phoenix Valley!

Gene Noel Chillin AC: Keeping Cool

Look at Arizona weather for a Grand Canyon cruise

Here's a yellow A.C.E. (best bike built in the U.S.)

When I ride in Phoenix while it's often over 100 degrees, it's seldom hot as Hell... almost Heavenly

Gene's church page
A quiet corner for fine folks.
Gene's big jump
Must have Real Media (tm) to view/hear.
New Noel's
Clayton and Kiah
Shawn's Army Tribute page
Talk with people just like you.
Few options
To make it so, send me a dollar!
FUNdamental sites
Christians links over coffee
Campus Life @ PCC
College student's one-stop resource
Worth a sacrafice?
Christ thought so
Computers & Technology
Latest in technology & science
Az Parks & Recreation
Az Parks
Az Freenet
Arizona Freenet
Az. Travel
See that other V-twin
Christian links
Map your trip
to Arizona starting here!
Wanna see
where I worked as floor sweeper for hangar 51?
Want to see
what my Rotty eats?
Latest Forecast
for your home town!
The way
to where I work
Scientific response
to the RAPTURE!
What if it rains in Phoenix?
Do a 360 degree tour in my ride

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Check back every week or so, in the mean time, if you're concerned you'd die in a miserable, guilt ridden, sinful condition and stand before a Holy God to be condemned by Him to a Lake of Fire, check this out.

God's Word in English, the King James Bible Open the Bible, read John 3, verse 16 may sound familiar!

Old Rugged

Looking for a porn link?

Seeking Heaven? News link

The Attic has some sweltering stuff! Watch your step!

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Basement Watch your step! Good site to link to after the Rapture

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Free ISP Web service?

Read, Heed, Vote!

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