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Pagan Art

·       Pentacles

·       Cauldrons

·       Chalice & Athame

·       Brooms

·       Witches

·       Miscellaneous Pagan things




Mythological Creatures

Blank Banners

Bumper Stickers





Pagan Art





3-D type image; rolling pent by water

Embossed Pentacle

Gray on Gray

Pentacle & Crescent moon

With a white background


White pentacle on a rainbow background

God/Goddess Pentacle

Orange sun with triple Goddess Moons and pentacle


Purple pentacle on a rainbow background

Pentacle Ball

3-D type image of a pentacle on a black background

Pentacle bubble

Purple Pent, white background

Pentacle Bubble

Purple pent, blue background

Pentacle eye

Purple background

Pent moons         1      2      3      4

Metallic Pentacles with full and crescent moons

Pentacle Sun

Blue sunshine with pentacles surrounding it

Pentacle Flower

Blue rosette with pentacle at the center


Red pentacle with black background


Blue, watery on white background

Water pentacle

Water spotted pentacle

Blue Pentacle

Embossed on a white background

Silver Pentacle

On a black background

Blue Metallic Pentacle


Pink & Blue Plaid Pentacle


Yellow Pentacle Ball

On a burgundy background




Picture type


Witch’s Cauldron

Silver cauldron with a purple witch riding a broom


Black cauldron with multicolored pentacle on it

Rainbow Pentacle

Cauldron with multicolored pentacles

Cauldron with Pent

Golden on a yellow background


Chalice & Athames

Picture type


Chalice & athame

Blue chalice & green athame sticking out of it

Chalice & athame

Pastel chalice with athame in it, yellow background

Chalice & athame

Blue with a black background

Chalice & athame

Silver with a gray background

Chalice & athame

Purple with a royal blue background



Picture type


Cat on Broom

Black cat, blue background

Cat on a Broom

Black cat, brown variated background



Picture type


Little girl dressed up as a witch

On a black background

Witch on broom

Yellow witch on red background

Witch Pentacle

Witch on a broomstick, flying over a pentacle

Witch & Moon

Blue witch flying over crescent moon

Witch on broom

Victorian-era witch, red glowing


Miscellaneous Pagan Graphics

Picture type


Wheel of the Year

Illustrated, with green background

White Triple Goddess

Celtic triple goddess knot, green with white background

Yin Yangs 1   2   3

Multicolored yin yangs on white backgrounds

Athame & skull

On black background


Purple ankh with black background

Crystal ball with Moon phases

Rainbow colored, with pent in the middle

Crystal Ball

Blue with pent, black background

Crystal ball

Green with pent, white background






Picture type


Faerie (Silhouette)

Gray silhouetted body, colored wings

Blue Faerie

Ice faerie with outspread crystal wings

Girl faerie

Little girl faerie leaning on a sunflower

Dancing Faerie

Silver ballerina faerie

Faerie on a Flower

Faerie on a Sunflower, holding a butterfly

Faerie & Crescent Moon

Faerie flying by crescent moon, with purple background

Mushroom faerie

Purple faerie leaning on a mushroom

Night Faerie

Blue faerie dancing in the stars


Outspread pink and blue wings


Same as above with rippled effect

Faerie (silhouette)

Pink with a metallic aura

Tiny Faerie

VERY small faerie with arms up

Green Faerie

Nature faerie with wings outspread

Flute Faerie

Purple faerie fluting next to a flower

Twin faeries

Opaque fluting faeries on a black background

Purple Faerie

Almost see-through on a white background

Writing Faerie

Child faerie reading a list

Kneeling Faerie

Purple on a white background

Weeping Faerie

On a white background

Flying Faerie

On a sea green background

Mushroom Faerie 2

Metallic wings on a white background

Purple Faerie

On a black background

Silver Lilac Faerie

On a white Background

Weeping Faerie2

Pastel on a white background

Stretching Faerie

Blue with pink wings on a blue background

Fae lovers

Snapshot of a man and faerie in a field

Moon Faerie

Purple faerie sitting on a crescent moon

Blue & Purple Faerie


Green Glowing Faerie


Green Flying faerie







Horned God in Crystal Ball

Green Sun God

Green God in Crystal Ball

Celtic Green God

God Head Sun

Green God Pentacle

God Sphere





Diana     1    2   3 

Nile River Goddess   1    2


Sheela Na Gig


Willendorf Goddess 1    2

Laussel Goddess

Celtic Knot Goddess

Mother Goddess with Child 1    2

Diana     1    2   3 



Mythological Creatures

Celtic Dragon

Dragon & Athame

Fire Gargoyle


Ice Gargoyle

Cartoon Dragon



Silver Unicorn

Celtic Unicorn

Unicorn Silhouette

Water Dragon



Blank Banners

To use these banners, save them to your computer and edit them using an art program like Paint.

Green with pents

Yellow Daisies

Baby blue with pents

Blue with Celtic Knots

Pink with Vintage Floral

Starry with crystal balls

Rainbow with Pentacles

Purple metallic with cauldrons

Rainbow metallic with God/dess symbols

Pink & Silver with pents

Ocean green with pents




Bumper Stickers



Born Again Pagan

Isis, Hecate, Astarte, Kali, Innana… from the Mother we arise, to the Mother we return

The Goddess is here and she is organizing

Look! The Faeries are trooping!

We all come from the Goddess


Blessed Be 1


Blessed Be 2


Blessed Be 3


Goddess Bless sign


Wiccan Rede sign


So Mote it be


Proudly Pagan sign











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