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    Download FTPSync V1.1 (file: size: 22,440 bytes)

    FTPSync synchronizes contents of the local and ftp server directories.

    FTPSync supports incremental synchronization, i.e. only modified files will be transferred over the net. To do this it creates already synchronized server and local file list in each local directory (hidden zzftpsync.zzlocaldb and zzftpsync.zzserverdb files). Next time you run FTPSync it will use this information to detect created, modified or deleted files or directories.

    Also you can synchronize same FTP directory with multiple destinations. For example you can have one mirror of your FTP server at work and another one at home.

    Usage: FTPSync -h <ftp host name>
     -u <user name>
     -p <user password>
     [-s(erverDir) <ftp server directory>]
     [-l(localDir) <local directory>]
     [-y] do not prompt for create, delete and overwrite.
     [-c] always recreate deleted directory.
     [-r(ecursive)]    look into subdirectories.
     [-f(tpWins)] ftp server will win in the conflict situations; by default local files have a priority.

    IMPORTANT: Keep attention to ERROR: messages and use -y option with caution.

    FTP as well as most network protocols are not very reliable, so it is possible that due to the lost connection ftp server files database is not correctly updated (you will get an ERROR: message) which will cause unnecessary rewrites next time you run FTPSync.

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