What Can I say about sketching....It is by far the most important part of you art technique!! If you think that you can draw good anime/comic pictures without sketching  then your'e in the wrong universe!! Seriously not only will this help your art to look better but it will alow you to much more clearly invision the final porduct that you want far before anyone else can.Pretty cool huh? Now what about the technique? First thing that I have to say is that it is absolutely vital that you don't  draw too heavily! That is not skeching!! Another thing to keep in mind is that you don't want to add too much deatil to the first stage of a sketch doing this would be a wast of time cause eventually you are gonna' erase  the sketch anyways. Remeber you want to draw very lightly and Quickly.

          Now let's take a look at the exampe below. This is what every peice of art on The AbYss started out as. Did you notice the line al the way down the back? That is what  you start with it's called the center line it will detemine the position of  your character and his place in the picture. I know what youre saying "But this looks so lame!!" But we aren't done yet.  We still have to do step number 2 ...
"What do you mean Skin and bones!!?"
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