The Ranting Nobody's Area
First of all let me say that none of the stuff written on this page is intended to insult or put down anyone in any way But if you feel that you need to voice your opinions on anything feel free to leave it in my guest book, Ok Ready?

              1.) Well well well...I got some shocking news from a friend lately

it appears that one of the greatest comic artist of all time Joe Madd has decided to call it quits on the comic biz!! Yes that's right  Scream!! Panic!! Run around the house in terror!! Now for those of you who don't know who Joe Madd is let's let you know how stupid of a move this really is....let's say that  someone like Wayne Gretsky decided to retire at the peak of his carrer or maybe the president decided that he didn't want to be the pres. right after he wins the election!! Madd had everything going for him..He had his own company,a hugely popular comic and his art was just getting better and better. So with that I'd like to welcome Joe Madd to  the LEAUGE OF MORONS!
                    2.)OK is it just me or is this whole reality tv ting geting out of control?! I mean how many shows are there now?20?! There's the real world(which started this whole mess) Then there's Survivor ,Big Brother...there's some boot camp show...the list goes on and on the same is true for all of these dating shows.Where they seem to be intent on finding the stupidest ,most shallow people on the planet and maching them up (they don't even deserve to have to put up with each other!) So what  does all of this "Reality TV" add up too? Well first off it means that original Ideas are very out of style right now and it also means that the wrtiers at these TV stations must be really stumped cause they can's seem to write anything to compete with these stupid reality shows!! So with that I'd like to welcome Television executives to THE LEAUGE OF BUTTHEADS!!
                   3.)Ohhh man may 3rd is the realease date for the spider man movie and I'm already wetting my pants!! I hope that they did a good job if they mess this up then it's all over kiss the sequel goodbye!! Those movie critcts better wach their buttery popcorn filled mouths and not trash the movie for being "more like a comic book than a movie" DUHH!! I think that would be the whole point! But have you noticed that those two movie guys (y'know the fat one and the skinny one) well they seem to have a pattern that Iv'e noticed it goes like this....The fat guy seems to love the movies that have either sombody's naked butt in it (probably cause he can't find his own butt) or if they have somebody getting chopped up every 2 seconds.While the other guy seems to like all of the decent movies so the majority of the time you'll end up with one thumbs up and another thumbs down so you can't tell if it's a good movie or not anyways!! So I think there should be a tie not a third guy but two death traps!! You throw the fat guy into a giant butter melter (I'm sure it would work on him since he's mostly butter anyways!) and throw the other guy into the giant popcorn popper and you leave them both in there until the end of the show where they can get out by changing their verdict on a movie or if they die! Wel I'm sure that they would be unwillng to try my idea so movie guys I welcome you to THE LEAUGE OF uhhh..ummm...REALLY....Uhhh STUIPD PEOPLE!! YEAH THAT'S IT!!
Now get up get down and boogie ogie ogie!!....I said BOOGIE!!
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