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        This page honors on a monthly basis the coolest characters in Japanese Manga/Anime and american comics and TV !! If you have a sugesstion about who the next Character of the month should be the go ahead and write me! Just make sure that your character doesn't suck!!!
This Month It's...
Professor X
Check back in a month or so for the next Character!!
"Wow...what can I say about Piccolo...he's the man. Why do I think so? Well let's see..Piccolo was not only one of DBZ and dragon balls greatest villans but he is also one of it's greatest heroes...there almost isn't any villan that Piccolo hasn't engaged in battle, and he's played an importatn part in winning battles throughout DBZ...The Raditz fight, Freiza, Garlic Jr., The Androids, Cell,...the list goes on and on...he's kicked, punched, and Blasted his way throught the worst of DBZ's Villans...and despite what peopel may say...he is as tough if not tougher than most of the cast of DBZ...he was stronger than a super saiyan in the android saga...and if he has been training for all those years after it he should be just as strong as perfect cell was...perhaps stronger...that on top of his uncanny wit and battle strategy...makes Piccolo one of the baddest fighters in the universe...I sure wouldn't want to fight him!!
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