Yep that's me Yoshin a.k.a nate, But I prefer Yoshin. Anyways I guess your'e here cause you want to know more about me..... right so I guess I should get on with it ...how am I supposed to start this Duuuuuuhhhhhh well here goes!
The Artist
I would like to say I'm self taught but that wouldn't be entirely true. I have been Influenced by alot of different art styles and artist so far (and Im only 18!!). Most of my early influence came from anime's like sailor moon and the Satuday anime's they would show on Sci-Fi. Most recently my art Infuence has been from comic artist Mark Bagely,Claudio Castellini,and Joe Mad, my most recent anime influnces have been the art from Tenchi Muyo,Outlaw star,and A small amount of DBZ because that show has a style all it's own. So I guess that's it for the art explanation.
My Favoirites
This is the part where you go to sleep.....*zzzzzz*
I have had alot of favorite TV Shows in the past the earliest I remember is Inspector Gadget which is what I like to call a "hidden anime" a show that clearly had a japanese artist but no one recognizes it as an anime ie: Dennis the Menace,Swat Cats,the first season of TMNT,and the first seasons of Batman Beyond and Superman. Anyways my currently favorite TV Shows are Tenchi Muyo,Cowboy Bebop,Outlaw Star,The powerpuff girls,Samuria Jack and DBZ. My favorite sport is Hockey  cause it's just too sweet I like to play and watch. My favorite Ice cream is Strawberry and the same goes for milk mmmmm.
Arrogant people,people who hold grudges,and those noodles that you get in a bag Yuukkk!! I also hate the words "meal" and "Abercromie and Fitch"!!
Height: 5'10
Hair: Black
Eye's: Brown
Blood type: O whatever
Finshing lines:" My kung-fu is pretty good!"
"K.O.? ....oops guess that's over!"
Style of Play: Speedy character with good strenght  and awesome combo ability. (too many capcom games!)
"I love Ryoko!! ^_^*"
"Ken Is Da' Man!!"
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