March 31, 2003

A bunch of new links!

  • Slash (4)
  • Resources (3)
  • Original (3)
  • Yaoi (7)
March 25, 2003

Great news everyone, Yaoi Rated is finally up and fully functional!!! I have just finished going through all of the sites indexed so far and have weeded out the few sites no longer running and refreshed the sites which have changed their address. If you find any links I may have missed that no longer work, please feel free to E-Mail me and let me know so I can fix the problem immediately. As of this moment, my main goal now is to search and sift through my folders and the internet for suitable material to link to. If anyone would like to help me out with a few links containing male/gay erotica (if the site contains pictures, they MUST be drawn, but any kind of fiction is OK) I would love to recieve your E-Mail. Till next time, ta-ta!

March 24, 2003

A few more hehehe....

  • Got up the Featured section, which are the links to the various other Yaoi/Slash/Whatever sites. Still have to go through them to find the broken links, but I'm workin on it! If nothing else, I'm definately working faster than ever before *wink* ciao!
  • By the way, the Informant section is up to, which leads to a lot of very interesting information/tutorials. Check it out!
  • G/S Book is up, leave a message!!
March 23, 2003

My my my, quite a few updates!!

  • Page being remodled (again...told you I get bored quickly, lol)
  • 7 New G-Rated Drawings
  • 5 New PG-Rated Drawings
  • 1 New X-Rated Drawing
March 4, 2003

Today is a bad day...

  • New piece in the Fiction Section "Journal"
March 1, 2003

Yeah, I know, I did it again, lol. I was gone for a little while but hey, computer issues. A tired excuse I know, but it happens, and it happened again. Let's hope I can stick around longer this time eh? :P

  • Yiffy Section finally back up! woo!!!
September 24, 2002

Not too much this time around, but I did manage to go through most of the Yaoi Section links (still fixing it up though) and I set up the section that now *gasp* has a few photos of me! LoL Nuffin' special *blush*

  • Pictures of Meeeee! (Just Me)
September 9, 2002

Finally finished setting up the general layout of the new and improve Y-Rated. Unfortunately, very few links work thus far because I still have to go through my many links and see what still works, hehe. All in due time!! So far, working pages include:

  • A La Me (Front Page)
    Just Me (A La Me)


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