Willow Creek Rats
"Willow Creek" flows through Rock Cut State Park ~~
~~ my favorite place to walk ~~
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Rainbow Bridge
About Me
October 2008

We have reorganized!  The information pages --- Links, Care & Recommendations for cages, food and supplies --- have been moved to a sister site, leaving bandwidth on this site for litter pictures, etc. so hopefully the site shutdowns will discontinue!  Please see the INFO pages at
www.willowcreekrats.info and bookmark that site too!
June 14, 2008
Northern Illinois
Rat Organization
Best In Show:
COVE Tequila Sunrise of WLLW
Info Pages
Rat Connection
All American Rat Club
Northern Illinois Rat Organization
Check out the AARC's website for details of our upcoming pinkie party -- please come!
November 2008

The Girls page is updated!  We have several new girls added to our rattery --- two "imported" from Michigan and fresh out of quarantine, and one homegrown from our last litter.  Check out their new pics!
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