Team 13's Pictures
This is where we put even MORE pictures of our team (we're full of ourselves). Note that if anyone wants to see pictures taken from our adventures, go to Agent Johnson's picture gallery at MySpace (
Is he gonna go streakin'? Sure, he may look good, but he can't swim for his life.
Agent Andy without his suitcoat.
Neat trenchcoat on Johnson, eh?
Agents Tyrant (left) and Lackey (right). Joking! Heh, heh. Agents Humble Servant (left) and Fearless Leader (right). Happy now, Johnson?
Agents Frink (left) and Johnson (right).
Agents Johnson (left) and Andy (right).
Hey, where am I in this manip? Yeah, that was like my expression when I saw Bionic's dirty undies.
From Adventure 008, Part III. Right after Agent Andy sees the demon Revod'neb and says, "No!" (also available on Agent Johnson's MySpace profile.)
A manip by Agent Andy showing our true origins and genders.
Secret - Agent Man!
From Adventure 008, Part III. Right after Johnson sees the demon and orders everybody to "Run." Also available on his MySpace account.
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