Team 13's Photos
This is where we place more of our pictures. Page written, updated, and maintained by Agent Frink. Note that if anyone wants to see pictures taken from our adventures, go to Agent Johnson's picture gallery at MySpace (
Hey, it's me! . . . supernatural ass!
(Agent) Professor Frink in our lab. Agent Bionic about to kick some . . .
It's "Professor Frink" not "Agent Frink," nimrod! . . . into action!
Agent Frink's basic stats. Agent Bionic about to ride his Harley . . .
Yeah, colorful flowers. What? Agent Bionic's basic stats.
Frink at his lab station. Yes, we have flowers at the Team HQ.
Agent Bionic's basic stats.
Agent Andy's basic stats.
Bitch-ass, much?
Team 13.
Agent Andy's basic stats.
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