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(Agent) Professor Frink's Stats
Agent Frink’s Statistics:

Name: Jonathan “Professor” Frink
Title: (None)
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Age: Appears 20 (Actual age: 33*)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Agent Seniority: 6 years of active service (3 years in the field)
Class: Researcher
Level: XV

HP: 70
AC: 13 (ff: 13, touch 10)
DR: 0 (0 body armor)

Str: 8
Dex: 12
Con: 8
Int: 19
Wis: 8
Cha: 8

Ref: 10
Fort: 4
Will: 14

Chemistry (inorganic) 21
Language (Latin) 10
Mathematics (all basic) 21
Language (Greek) 10
Biology (human) 20
Language (Hieroglyphics) 10
Biochemistry 20
Hyperbolic topology 18
Language (Hebrew) 10
Physics 21
Hypermathematics 18
Language (French) 10
Thermodynamics 18
Cryogenics 18
Language (German) 10
Martial arts, passive def 10
Language (Span)10

MS76g attache case with all basic accessories (see Agent Johnson's pictures for contents)
All-environment labcoat (white)/black pants and tie/white shirt/etc. (with clothes carrier)
Corded earpiece transmitter
Cellular Phone
ID and badge
Bureau-issue laptop
'92 Berreta (shoulder holster)

“Professor” Frink is the most scientific member of the group. He approaches everything with an analytical mind and can sometimes be quite the skeptic. He comes from a line of prominent scientists (notably his father, a famed explorer-researcher) and attended the University of Wisconsin Madison and MIT for a while in addition to the Agent Training Academy of Illinois.

Some things one should never do while around Frink include: insult math, mention the concentration camps in Nazi Germany (Bionic learned that the hard way; suffice to say that Frink’s shrinking experiments worked quite well on Bionic’s misters), insult Frink’s favorite song (“She Blinded Me with Science,” playing on this page) or throw punches that might actually hit him. Frink has a frail body and an even frailer ego, so try not to bruise him if you ever need his expertise. Frink, like the rest of his team, has convictions against sex and intimate relationships. He has declared the Internet to be “the second-largest porn machine ever created” and has a deep hate for anime, which he calls “Japanese porn.” Frink refuses to read the news, citing all sources as "glamorized info-porn."

Frink is a loyal follower of Agent Johnson and could be deemed the man’s oldest acquaintance aside from Agent Andy. The Professor usually stays at his apartment or their office and monitors the activities of the other agents via satellite. Never without his labcoat or his trusty Bureau-issue laptop, Frink is always ready to kick some supernatural can with logic.

*All the members of Team 13 appear to be drastically younger than they are (they appear to be about 20). This is due to a misfired “eternal youth” spell that only worked on appearances. Unfortunately for the team, the spell did not otherwise improve appearances so they are still as ugly as ever.

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Professor Frink's Info:
Name: Johnathan Frink
Email: masteravatar9@yahoo.com
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