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Agent Bionic's Stats
Agent Pementel’s Statistics:

Name: John "Bionic" Pemental
Title: (None)
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Age: Appears 20 (Actual age: 31*)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Agent Seniority: 6 years of active service (3 years in the field)
Class: Enforcer
Level: XV

HP: 233
AC: 15 (ff: 10, touch: 13)
DR: 8 (8 body armor)

Str: 18
Dex: 14
Con: 18
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 12

Ref: 12
Fort: 20
Will: -1

Blade Fighting 12
Communications Technology 6
Cold Survival 9
Computer Tapping 6
Crude Weapons 12
Wire Tapping 6
Desert Survival 8
Computer Research 6
Guerilla Tactics 10
Grenade Weapons 12
Jungle Survival 8
Physical Surveillance 9
Espionage 12
Projectile Weapons Technology 10
Breaking and Entering 10
Stealth 9
Lip Reading 6
Swimming 7
Operate Motor Vehicle 16
Tactics 6
Vehicle Repair, Auto 14
Weapons, Military Light 12

planes cars gun's bombs missles u name it i got it i dress how ever the *censored* i want to and if u got a problem with it then you and me can fight *all in the words of Agent Bionic; he has the “standard” agent gear found in Agent Gardner’s stats as well.*

Action, guns, and craze are what fuel Agent Bionic. He doesn’t care if what he’s killing is a terrorist, a zombie, or an alien as long as he’s killing it. He’s the toughest and strongest member of the team, but his ready-to-go, kill-everything attitude can get in his way. His weapon is usually a large shotgun or a submachine gun complemented by grenades. Bionic’s love is his Harley, and he’s an expert at driving her. He is currently in the mental hospital for a spell, but he’s fine otherwise.

Bionic seems to be a rogue, but he’s a fine agent and is lawful deep down. Despite his outward lustful attitude towards “the ladies,” Bionic has no real interest in long-term relationships. He’s definitely attracted to women, but he believes they tend to ruin everything after being around too long.

Bionic may be the perfect contrast to Agent Johnson. Their attitudes toward everything tend to be different, but they still work well together as a team. Bionic is loyal to Johnson and they have good social interactions. Bionic has a penchant for getting Frink angry, especially around chemicals. Bionic’s friendship with Andy is veritable, the two commandos make up the main firepower and muscle of the team.

*All the members of Team 13 appear to be drastically younger than they are (they appear to be about 20). This is due to a misfired “eternal youth” spell that only worked on appearances. Unfortunately for the team, the spell did not otherwise improve appearances so they are still as ugly as ever.

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Agent Bionic
Agent Bionic's Info:
Name: John Pementel
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