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Team 13,
Bureau 13
Welcome to the official website of Team 13. This is Agent Johnson providing. Team 13 is a group of Bureau 13 agents active in the Milwaukee, WI area. As a paranormal investigative squad, we handle situations pertaining to the unusual and bizarre. Our team sees combat often since the supernatural is filled with malignant aspects. We prefer to keep written records of these situations, ergo our adventures come into existence. This website will attempt to document Team 13's escapades and detail our group some more. Enjoy your searches. Agent Johnson signing off.

Site updated, written, and maintained by Agent Frink (except for the above) with permission and revisions from Agent Johnson. Explore to your heart's content. View our pictures, read our adventures, sign our guestbook, or simply listen to our theme music (playing on this page) . . . whatever you wish.

Links to adventure pages:
Adventure Archive 1
Adventure Archive 2
Adventure Archive 3

Links to Agent Statistics: (d20 version)
Agent Johnson's Stats
Agent Andy's Stats
Agent Bionic's Stats
(Agent) Professor Frink's Stats

Links to photo album:
Photo Album 1
Photo Album 2
Photo Album 3

The Secret War (text format; copy and paste into Word for normal)
Supplement Section
A Typical Bureau 13 Agent
Aerial View of Our Team's Apartment
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Team 13.
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Agent Johnson
Name: Special Agent Mark Johnson
Email: whatisrush@yahoo.com
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