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Weekly  Challenge
May 26-May 30, 2008

This will be my 295th and final Math Weekly Challenge.  I will be retiring this year.  I hope you have enjoyed solving these problems, as much as I have enjoyed creating them.  You can go to my website,, to find problems from previous years.  


I am planting a rectangular garden that is 8 feet long and 6 feet wide.  There is a family of bunnies that live in my backyard, so I decided that I need to put a fence around my garden to keep the bunnies from eating my plants.  How much fencing do I need to buy?
Hint: Draw a picture.

For 4th and 5th grades:  At the hardware store, fencing comes in a 5 yard spool for $8.99.  What will it cost me to fence my garden?
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