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He Shares Me - Husband shares wife's goodies

You may have read the story my husband KatesMan wrote about our trip to the gynecologist and his pension for having me "done" by other men. The following is another example of how he likes to share.

It was a warm Saturday morning and I had a lot to get done. Kelly, my husband was having his monthly poker party tonight and I had shopping to do for it.

I get my shower and am on my way downstairs to start some coffee. Kelly calls out to me from the bedroom, "Kate, come bring that sweet ass in here." I tell him "I'm on my way out! It'll have to wait!" He says, "Just for a minute. I'm just thirsty." These words still give me a rush after all these years together. It brings back memories of when I was pregnant with our first child. He would never let me get up to use the bathroom when I was big with child and had to pee what seemed like ten times a night. He would just lay me back, spread my legs and drink my bladder dry. So, I walk into the bedroom to find my man laying there, his cock hard as a rock. I squat over his open mouth and relax. I hear his mouth filling and he swallows my piss, gulp after thirsty gulp. I tell him "mmm that felt so good, but I have to run!"

"On one condition" he says, "Keep your panties here." I do as he says, thinking he's in that dominate mood today. "I'll be back soon!" I say. He takes me in his arms, kissing me, letting me taste the pee that still lingers on his lips. He pulls away and say "Kate, let them see."

I leave the house knowing for sure that if I was wearing panties, they would be soaked by now. His parting words linger in my head. He wants me to show off my pussy to anyone I can. That is just what I'll do. I hit the mall with list in hand. Going to a variety of stores. I make my last stop a little lingerie boutique. I want to pick out something special for this evening. While the game might be poker, if I'm lucky, it will turn out to be poker her. The sales lady greets me at the door and while this usually bothers me to be bombarded on entry, I have other things in mind. When she asks if she can help me, I tell her "I'm looking for something for a special evening. Something that on first glance looks innocent, but then turns wicked." She gathers up various outfits and sends me to the dressing room.

While trying on different variations of what seems like the same ole stuff, I ask "Let's try some crotchless panties." She moves away to find some and I could swear I hear a moan escape her lips.

"How about these?" she asks, handing me a pair of white lace panties. They seemed plain, but very feminine. Just what I was looking for. I try them on and call her in. She inspects them, telling me "They look lovely on you. You can barely tell they're crotchless. Anyone to come across you in those would be lucky!" I tell her "They feel great too. Let's see what happens when I open the package." With that, I sit down and open my legs slowly. I see her lick her lips as she gets first glance of my wet, shaved pussy. She comes closer to me, down to her knees, acting as though she's checking the fit around my upper thighs.

Her hand brushes against my clit and I'm instantly on fire. I take her hand and hold it there. Willing her to make me orgasm. Mmmm, she certainly does what I wish. With that hand she spreads my pussy lips wide. I place my legs over her shoulders and she envelopes my whole pussy in her mouth. Feeling her hot tongue against my clit and her finger toying with my asshole is more than I can take. I have a thundering orgasm that leaves her face glistening with my liquid silk. We both recover and I say "I'll take them." I give her a quick kiss and leave for home.

My face is still flush when I arrive home and the first thing Kelly says is "You got off, didn't you."

"Oh, I did indeed my man! With the sales girl!" I see his cock grow in his jeans and while giving the head a little pinch, I tell him "Later baby, I'll tell you all about it. We have to get ready now. Your friends will be here soon!" He grumbles, saying something about being hard all damn day, but gives in and helps me prepare for our guests.

His friends all arrive right on time. Everyone gets comfortable and they all start playing. Kelly lights a joint and now I know I'm in trouble. The last time we did this, his friend Chris ended up fucking the holy hell out of me. Not that I mind. In fact, I'm hoping for a replay. We all smoke and I come over occasionally for a kiss from my man. I walk toward our bedroom away from him. As I do, I turn so he can see me. I lift my dress a little so he can see the surprise I bought for him. "Come here and show me Kate." he says. I'm a little shocked by this, but do just what he says. I walk over to him and lift my dress again. "Take that dress off now. Show my friends what you have for me." God, it's happening and I can barely contain myself as I lift my dress off over my head, my bare nipples getting hard knowing I have five men watching me.

Kelly lifts me and sits me down on the table in front of him. He pinches my nipples which makes me arch my back and moan. I can feel five pairs of eyes on me and I'm loving every minute of it. I feel Kelly's hands on the top of my thighs. So softly, he separates my legs. This is when he sees my surprise. "Holy shit!" he yells. "These are crotchless!" With that, he dives in for a taste. I feel his soft tongue all over my pussy, circling my clit, snaking deep inside for my juices, licking them up as it tickles my asshole. By this time I'm all sprawled out on the table, legs spread wide and high.

Before I know it, I have several hands on my body. His friend John is at my head, kneeling with a leg on either side. His long cock is dangling before my nose. I tilt my head to take it down my throat. Mmmm, I love the way his cock feels practically choking me. I hear Kelly say, "Tonight's game is fuckers roulette." We'll see who's sperm can reach Kate's fertile egg first." My God, I almost cum hearing those words. He loves playing this game as long as he's the first fuck. I still feel a mouth on my snatch but seeing Kelly lay down next to me I realize the familiar mouth belongs to his best friend Chris. God can this man eat pussy. He makes sure every inch is licked to satisfaction.

I get up just long enough to straddle my loving husband. His cock is so thick, it takes sometime to adjust to the size. I ease down on it slowly, but something stops me. "What ARE you doing?" I ask Chris. "I'm gonna fuck your tight ass while Kelly fucks your pussy." he says. He lays down too, placing his thighs over Kelly's, their balls touching. Again, I attempt a mount. This time, two thick long cocks waiting for my longing holes. I feel hands on my ass as Tom and John spread me open so much that I don't even have to push to let Chris in. I love being all exposed like this. Must be the voyeur in me. Kelly taught me the pleasure of that too.

I ease myself down on these two steely rods. Mmmm feels so good to be this full. I begin to move the best I can, grinding down on the both of them. The pain finally goes beyond to pleasure and I feel John somehow licking my clit along with Kelly's cock and Tom lapping at the Chris's cock that's invading my ass. I whimper with pleasure as I look up and see Al, Kelly's cousin fucking the hell out of Kelly's mouth. "Don't cum Al. Tonight you're cumming in me." I say. This makes Kelly's cock twitch inside of me. He knows his cousin will do anything I say. I feel two sets of balls under me begin to pull up and tighten. I feel my own orgasm start and my pussy and asshole convulse, sending strong hugs up and down the two cocks that are giving me such pleasure. I feel both cocks thicken at the same time. "I'm cumming!" screams Chris. Kelly, with a mouth full of cock, can say nothing, but I feel his cock shoot hot spurts of cum deep inside my boiling cunt. At the same time, I feel Chris explode as well.

I get off the two of them and before I know it, John and Tom are busy cleaning off their cocks. Tom has this thing for cocks that have just fucked an ass. I swear, he could cum just from the taste of it. I look over at my baby and he appears to be in heaven. I come close to him, kissing him and I whisper, "I want Al to fuck me honey. After all, if I end up pregnant, it will still be in the family." He moans and says, "Go for it baby."

I lay back down on my back and motion Alan over. He doesn't hesitate and by the looks of his rock hard cock, he's more than willing to accommodate me. He spreads my legs, takes his cock in hand and rubs in all over my pussy. Rubbing his precum in circles all over my clit, I think I'll go out of my mind with pleasure. "Put it in." I say. "Fuck me good and hard, make your cousin proud." That's just what he does. I feel the head slip in and I wrap my legs around his back, placing my heels in the small of it, pushing him into me. He's deeply buried in me now, just enjoying the feeling of having his cock encased in warm wet flesh. Kelly says, "I wanna eat her ass while you fuck her, Al." He lifts me up as he stands, turning around so he can sit just a bit on the table. Mmmm, I feel my hungry husbands mouth on my cum dripping asshole. His tongue expertly licks and sucks out his best friends hot cum. Al, again, lifts me up, turning around again to lay me back on the table. He really begins to drill me now. He's fucking me so hard, he's moving me across the table.

"I'm real fertile right now, Al. I want you to cum in me good."

"But Kate! What if..." he tries to protest. "No buts Al. This is your cousin's game and we're playing it to the end for him." This excites him and he's pounding against my cervix with every thrust. I feel him thicken and his whole body tenses. I know any second now, I'll be filled for the second time tonight. He throws his head back and lets out a howl. Again, I feel cum being injected into my slick pussy. He collapses on top of me, breathing heavy. Still hard, he finally pulls out.

"OK guys, time to go home. I have to clean my woman up so I can make her dirty again." Kelly says, laughing. We all say our good-byes. "Well? Think your pregnant baby?" he asks me. "Time will tell sweetheart." I say as I fall into his arms again.

The fun is over for our friends for tonight, but it's just being for me and my man that loves to share me.

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