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Threesome becomes real at last

After several more successful sessions online Scott got on the computer one day with an announcement. His new job was going well and he had saved enough money to plan a trip to Chicago, near where we live. He informed us of his arrival time and gate at the airport and we made plans to meet him there.

I decided to surprise Scott by wearing his favorite: a skimpy pastel sundress with spaghetti straps made out of light cotton material. In the right light it would be see-through and I was wearing no panties or bra underneath. My full breasts pressed tightly against the fabric of the dress and as we approached the gate Scott was to arrive at my nipples hardened and became visible to everyone. Gary smiled at me, knowing this was just a symptom of what I was feeling.

Scott had sent us his picture on the Internet so that we could recognize him when he came through the gate from the plane. I waited anxiously and finally saw him. I broke away from Gary and approached Scott with my heart pounding. I caught his eye and smiled, and just like online and on the phone he put me completely at ease.

"Cindy? You look even better than your picture." He said. I decided to add to the surprise and walked right up to him, stood on tiptoe, and kissed him passionately. Our tongues explored each other's mouths for several minutes until Gary cleared his throat. I looked at my husband, who was watching us with a mixture of embarrassment and desire in his eyes.

"We should probably get Scott's bags." He said.

The car ride to the hotel was an opportunity I couldn't resist. Gary drove, and I climbed in the back seat with Scott. We weren't even out of the parking garage before I started kissing and caressing Scott. He enthusiastically returned the favor, touching my breasts through my sundress. I smiled and glanced up to the driver's seat, where Gary was having trouble keeping his eyes on the road and not on the rearview mirror. Both men had hard-ons that were visible through their pants. I continued to kiss Scott while I rubbed his cock and then undid his pants. I slipped his hard cock through the opening of his boxers and, looking deep into his eyes, licked my lips. He chuckled and ran his fingers through my long hair as I lowered my head to take his cock into my mouth. It was so good to finally taste him after fantasizing so long that I moaned on his cock. He massaged my thigh and gradually moved his hand up to see how wet my pussy was. He was pleased to find that I was already soaking wet. He continued to touch my cunt and my clit with his skillful hands while I sucked and fondled his cock for the entire ride to he hotel.

When we got to Scott's room we tossed the bags down on the floor of the closet and my two lovers picked me up and placed me on one of the beds. Gary took off my sandals and started kissing my feet and legs while Scott started with my lips and worked his way down to my neck. When he got to my shoulders he eased the sundress straps down so that the top of the dress fell, exposing my hard nipples. He groaned and started kissing and sucking them. Gary got to my pussy first and started eating me out but Scott stopped him and motioned to switch places. Gary sucked and kissed on my tits while Scott tasted me for the first time. They started taking their clothes off as they pleasured my whole body at once. Scott couldn't get enough of my wet pussy and soon I was close to cumming. I moaned and called out his name until Gary shoved his cock in my mouth. I started cumming and Scott quickly spread my legs to start fucking me while Gary fucked my mouth. My orgasm kept my cunt twitching around Scott's hard cock as he thrust in and out faster and faster. The men kept switching places over and over until I lost track of who I was fucking and who I was sucking. They both fondled and sucked my breasts and caressed my thighs. Finally Scott was back in my cunt when he suddenly stiffened and began thrusting harder than ever. He gripped my hips and started breathing heavily. I sucked hard on Gary's cock and caressed his tight balls at the same time. He came in my mouth as Scott's cock suddenly unloaded deep in my cunt. I came once again from the feeling of Scott's cock pumping his come into me and swallowed all of Gary's cum. We all lay back, spent for the moment. Then Scott raised himself up on one elbow and smiled.

"Well, you know by now that I will be ready for more in a few minutes, but I'm also hungry. Let's go get some dinner and some snacks for later and then come back." He said.

"Okay, but we should get something quick. I don't want to wait long to have you two again," I said.

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