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Bored doctor's wife makes house call to whore house

It sounded too good to be true. I will admit, at first I was shocked. I had joined Monica at a small cafe for lunch. I had been surprised when she called for we didn't often see each other any more. Three years ago our husbands had been partners in a thriving cosmetic surgery practice and then her husband became enthralled with his latest creation, a tall exotic dancer that had come in for some lypo, added a nose job, then a boob job and then decided she liked the good doctor so well she took him too. After a messy divorce her husband sold his part of the practice to the remaining partners and left with his latest creation. I thought Monica had left town also but here she was. So when she called I couldn't imagine what she wanted to talk about after three years, but lately I had been so bored, she was buying and I had always loved Cafe Roberto.

She picked at the salad she had ordered. I noticed she ate little and finally she leaned closer, "I suppose you are wondering what I wanted to talk to you about after three years." She sniffed delicately, smiling at me, and continued. "Well the last year or so I have taken on a part time job and when my boss asked me if I knew someone that had certain talents," she paused biting her lip, trying to find the right words it seemed.

"And well, I thought of you. I remember, " she closed her eyes shaking her head, "I remember that feeling of being so invisible! My whole being so wrapped up in being the good doctors' wife. Knowing all of the women that parade through his office day after day." She sounded so bitter but I had to pause, hadn't I been feeling the same way recently. Lately when Tom came home raving about this woman or that I found myself doubting, looking at myself in the mirror and wondering how I measured up to these women. The kids didn't need me nearly as much as they used to. I had been restless lately, looking for something to keep me busy but Monica's attitude made me concerned that there was something fishy about this opportunity so I very bluntly asked. "What are you talking about Monica? Is this something illegal? Her model thinness, lack of appetite and sniffles made me suspect she was probably involved in some sort of drug activity.

"Well I suppose it is illegal, but it shouldn't be" she replied. "Adults who enjoy spending time together should not be considered illegal."

"Spending time together," I questioned?

She leaned closer, glancing about to make sure no one was listening, and then continued. "A few years ago a friend approached me about helping him out. It seems he had an extremely rich friend who was going to be in the area and who needed an escort. He was too busy to look for someone that fit his specifications for the short time he was here and so had enlisted the aid of my friend to find someone. I spent the weekend with him and was rewarded well. In fact, I made more that weekend then I had made the whole month at the firm I worked at"

She paused and I asked dumbfoundedly, "Are you a prostitute Monica?"

She laughed, shaking her head, "No, I don't use that word and neither does my friends."

"So what word do you use," I asked? "And what did you want to see me about? I could never do something like that."

"Aren't you even interested?" she smiled, "Don't you wonder if another man besides Tom would find you sexy, desirable. You certainly have kept your figure, still only the two kids right?" She leaned forward and continued more earnestly, "Aren't you looking for something for you, Laura? Those kids of yours must be in school by now all day long. Don't need you as much except for that six dozen cookies for the bake sale or the Halloween costume, or maybe a ride to their friends house. It's not bad life, but does it have the daring and excitement that you expected your life to be filled with?"

But I sputtered, "Why me, what makes you think I would do something like that?"

She sighed, patiently, "Because Laura we are alike, attractive, intelligent women who put our hopes and plans on hold for our husband's dreams and careers only to wake up years later and realize that we had sunk into assuming a role of housekeeper, nanny, and occasional lover. Our dreams are gone and we are left living vicariously through our children and husbands."

And you think the answer is to sleep with other men for money?" I shook my head.

"Or other women," Monica smiled.

Although I was asking all these questions, looking back I now realize I was hooked. The idea intrigued me and I was already thinking of what I would wear, if I ever did it, which of course I never would. Would I? Would any man really want to pay money to be with me?"

Monica slipped a card across the table. It lay there between us, a simple card with a phone number scratched across the back. I hesitated and Monica slipped it closer, "Take it, think it over, and then call the number. I know you Laura, I know how empty that picture perfect life can be. I also know how hot you are deep in your soul Remember the time we shared fantasies, remember what yours was?"

I gazed at the card, not even looking up at her, remembering, my words flooding back, "I think I would love to be a high class call girl, fucking different men, desired by many, using them all and getting paid for it even!"

"Here's your chance," she whispered, standing up, she dropped several hundred dollars on the table, and left.

I watched her, as she left, shaking my head, "I could never do that," but a little voice in my head whispered, "Yes Laura you could."

When I got home that afternoon I tossed the card into my desk drawer and forgot it or at least I tried to. But at the most inopportune times I would think of that card, of that number. A small voice in my head would occasionally chide me, "Throw it away, don't do it." But did it matter if I threw the piece of paper away? The idea, the phone number was already planted and memorized. It was late May and the kids were busy with end of the school year field trips, picnics and parties. Both of them were going off to camp for 4 weeks as soon as school was out so I was also busy getting their things together for that.

Tom came home one evening smiling. "Alex Barr invited us to join him next week on a fishing trip up to Canada. He was so happy with his wife's augmentation that he invited us to go along to his new lodge. I have heard it is just amazing. This trip is going to be so relaxing."

Next week," I asked? "You said yes already? I thought that we were going to spend a few days together, but I suppose what does it matter if we are there or do something different. It's not like we have reservations anywhere or anything."

He had the courtesy at least to blush guiltily as he explained, "Umm, when I said us, I meant the partners at the clinic. The wives aren't invited. I know we talked about me taking the week off but like you said nothing has been planned or anything. Right?" He left the kitchen shrugging his shoulders. "Sorry Hon, do you know where we put those jigs that my Dad gave me?"

I stepped over to the desk and opened the drawer. The card lay there, staring up at me, calling me. I looked up at the calendar above the desk, X's marking off the days when the kids, when my whole family would be gone. When I would have no responsibilities, no kids, no husband. I swallowed hard, my hand wrapping around the card slipping it into my pocket.

I made the call the next week as soon as Tom left. A sleepy, masculine voice answered, "Yeah, this better be important." There was a rattle, a clunk, the phone must have been dropped and in the background I heard a muttered, "Who the fuck is calling me at 9:30 in the frickin morning." Then, "Who is this?"

I hesitated, and then surged ahead breathlessly, "My name is Laura. Monica gave me your number and told me to call. I'm sorry I bothered you." I hung up, standing with my eyes closed, my hands over my face, "What was I thinking?"

I shook my head and then nearly jumped out of my skin when the phone rang. I gazed at it apprehensively and then snatched it up.

"Hey, is this Laura?"

"Yesssss," I replied.

"Sorry about a moment ago," the man on the other end continued. "My name is Nick. You said you were a friend of Monica's?"

"How did you get my number?" I demanded.

"Ahhh, the wonders of modern technology," Nick replied, "Caller ID. Nothing for you to be upset about. If you don't want to chat I'll just hang up but you did call me and I am curious. Monica told me she had given you my number weeks ago."

"Well I had to think about it, calling you that is," I hurried to add.

He chuckled softly on the phone and I found myself relaxing, feeling silly about my nervousness. "Do you often worry so much about making a phone call," he teased?

"No, but then I have never made this phone call before," I parried.

"And why would a call to me be anything important," Nick laughed. I hesitated not saying anything so he continued. "Ahh, Laura, I think we can both tell this phone call may be very important to both of us."

"Yesss," I whispered, swallowing hard.

"Laura, I tell you what, hon. Why don't you come over later, say about 5 and we can talk more. I'll show you around and we will see how you feel about it all. How's that?"

He rattled off an address that impressed me. It was in a very affluent area of the city where we had occasionally attended parties or events, usually hosted by some patient of Tom's. I admitted that I wasn't sure where the address was exactly but that I would try to find it.

"No we don't want that baby," he said. "I tell you what, I'll send a car for you at 4:30, OK? Can you be ready by then, Hon? Oh and Laura, dress for a lover, baby." He hung up.

For a moment I stood there, biting my lip, "Could I go through with this," I wondered. I ran upstairs. Heading for the closet, I passed the mirror, catching sight of myself. I paused, moving closer, staring at my reflection. Not bad I thought for 33. My skin was smooth, my blonde hair bright, shining pulled back in a casual pony tail. I slipped off the sundress I was wearing. Smiling, yep, I still had my figure even after 10 years of marriage and 2 kids. Full breasted, long legged, if anything at 33 my body was sexier, fuller, more sensuous then when I had been a young co-ed. I turned back to the closet searching for a particular dress.

Finding it I triumphantly pulled it out. It was form fitting, hugging my curves, covering everything but leaving little to the imagination. The scoop neckline showed a goodly amount of cleavage. I had bought it on a whim two years ago for a cocktail party. I modeled it for Tom while he was watching the end of a basketball game. He never did finish that game, instead he fucked me hard on the family room couch, and then asked me not to wear it to the party. Looking back I remember I was not happy with his request. I loved how powerful and sexy I felt in that dress. Well here was my chance to get a different man's reaction. I pulled out some strappy sandals and slipped them on. Noticing my feet I snatched up the phone, calling my favorite salon.

"Simon? This is Laura...... fine, I'm just fine. Tom and the kids are gone for the week and I thought this would be the perfect time to come in and pamper myself. Simon, I want it all, head to toe.....give me the works! Is there any chance I could get in today?....Sure, I can be there shortly"

Five hours later I stood at the desk, handing the clerk my card. "Laura, you look stunning," Simon beamed at my side, fluttering about. Hands on his hips he declared, "I am so good it scares me at times." He spun me around for the benefit of the clerk, who laughed at his antics, "Check this out Susie-Q She is so gorgeous and has no where to go." He shook his head, "What a shame. I swear Laura I am tempted to take you out myself, no matter how upset my Henri would get!"

I laughed and assured Simon that I would not let his hard work go unappreciated and that I would find something to do. Then I headed home, watching the clock. The car would be arriving to pick me up in an hour.

Exactly at 4:30 a sleek black Lexus pulled up. I met the uniformed driver at the door and allowed him to escort me outside, opening the door and whisking me away. I sat in the back seat nervous and frightened. What was I thinking? At least four times I leaned forward intending to tell the driver, take me home, Now!!!!!!! Only to sit back and bite my lip, determined to try this.

The car pulled through the gates of an impressive home in a quiet neighborhood. As we drove up to a massive portico I could see well tended gardens that led down to the lake. Waiting at the front was a man, dressed casually in khakis and a white shirt. The shirt glowed against his tanned skin and I returned his smile as he gallantly opened the door and helped me out of the car. He tucked my arm under his and led me into the house. "Ah. Laura, Monica did not tell me how very sexy you were." His fingertips slid sensuously along the skin of my inner wrist and he gazed deep into my eyes. "I am certainly glad you called me. I think we are both going to find this to be mutually satisfying if you are only half as sensuous as you are beautiful."

The home he led me into was a showplace. Tastefully decorated, full of beautiful fabrics, furnishings, and art. To the left of the foyer was a large room full of shades of blue and deep green. As we passed I noticed a bar, and lovely, intimate groupings of couches and love seats. Immediately pass this room the foyer opened up with a ceiling that soared upward to a beautiful skylight done in stain glass. A double stair case rose up on each side of the room to meet directly ahead of us. It appeared as if a hallway led away from this second story landing to bedrooms I assumed. "Please, this way" Nick indicated, opening a door so cleverly done it blended right in with the paneled walls of the foyer. I followed, trying not to gape, at this lovely home. :If you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask."

We had entered what looked like a private suite of rooms. Nick seated me on the couch and then walked over to a large desk in the corner. Picking up the phone, I over heard him instruct , that he was not to be disturbed for anything. Then he seated himself next to me and offered me a glass of wine, which I gladly accepted. For awhile we chatted about the business. He had been doing this for 5 years and had a dozen women working for him. He was open and answered all my questions. Finally after an hour or so I paused just trying to take in all the information he had given me. Nick watched me as I sipped the red wine and I blushed, finally demanding he stop looking at me He smiled and moved a bit closer. I noticed the way his dark hair curled about his collar and how velvety brown his eyes were. "But I cannot help but stare, Laura. Your friend Monica said you were a beautiful woman but I am afraid she did not do you justice. Your lush figure, your tempting skin, your full lips," he reached out running his fingertip over my lower lip, "Just looking at you makes me want to see what is under that delightfully teasing dress."

I blushed, feeling terribly naive. What had made me think that I could do this. That a man would pay money to spend time with me. "I think I might have made a mistake," I started to say, preparing to stand up.

Nick moved closer, slipping his arm around me. "What makes you say that, Laura? He took my hand placing it on his crotch? My eyes widened as I felt the hardness already evident there. "Please stay. I am enjoying getting to know you more and I think it is evident that I would definitely like to know you even better but Laura," he took my chin in his hand, tipping my face up and looking deep into my eyes, "you are the one in control here. I want you to know that. You are the one that makes the decision about whether I do anything about this," he pulsed under my hand, "or we just enjoy the wine and some warm conversation. Do you understand baby? It is up to you."

I had the power. The power to walk out the door and take only the memory of an amazing visit and a sexy man that had already made me feel more desirable than I had in years or the option to take more. I moved closer reaching out, my fingertips teasing his full lip. I leaned over letting my lips move up the side of his face, nibbling along his jawline. He groaned as my teasing lips moved over his sensitive skin. I whispered in his ear, "What can I do for you Nick?? Hmmmm?" My tongue flicked out wetting his ear lobe. He moaned softly. I let my hands slip up over his shirt. Feeling the firm outline of muscles under the shirt. Suddenly I wanted to touch his skin, to run my lips over him, tasting him.

My hands tugged the shirt out of his waistband and slipped underneath the fabric, gliding over his warm skin, my fingers slipping up over his smooth chest. My searching fingertips found his hard male nipples and pinched them lightly, causing him to let his head fall back, biting his lip for control. I leaned closer and let my warm wet mouth slip over him, sucking his nipple into a hard pebbly point. He gasped and I felt his hand touch lightly in my hair. My mouth moved across his chest and gave his other nipple equal attention as my nails scratched a path downward, catching in his waistband. I looked up, my blue eyes twinkling as I inquired, "How am I doing Nick?"

He smiled back, and closed his eyes as I slid my hand over the hardness of his erection, "Baby, you are amazing. You can tell how horny you are making me, can't you? I want to fuck you so bad, but I won't. Not until you tell me to baby." His hand covered mine pressing me more intimately against his hard cock. "But do you want to waste something like this," he grinned?

I shook my head slowly, "No I don't want to waste it. In fact I know exactly what I want to do with it." My hands undid the button on his pants, slowly unzipping them. I slipped my hand inside, nothing but the silk of Nick's boxers, between my eager hand and his hard tool. I let my hand wrap around him, stroking, pulling the silky fabric tight over the engorged head of his cock. I leaned over kissing Nick softly on the lips as my hand stroked him through the silk. "I want this Nick," I whispered, "I want it very badly."

His hips thrust involuntarily at my words, "Then take it baby, take it," he begged.

I felt his hand reach around me sliding the zipper of my dress down exposing my back, his hands slipped into the dress caressing the skin of my back and expertly opening the hooks of my sheer bra.

I slipped to my knees before him, struggling to keep the unfastened dress and loosened bra still on I moved between his outstretched legs. He watched and reached down, slipping the dress and bra down. The bra fell to the floor forgotten and my dress bunched about my waist leaving my full breasts bare. His hands reached for them but then remembered and biting his lip he let them drop to his lap where he rubbed the head of his cock through the emerald green silk. I moved closer shoving his knees apart, reaching down I trapped his hands in mine and pinned them to the sides of his strong thighs. Leaning down I rubbed my face back and forth, he groaned, and I smiled, releasing his hands which then slid through the soft silky strands of my hair. I inhaled, smelling the scent of his skin, and then exhaled, blowing hot steamy breaths against him.

My hands slid up grasping the waistband of his khakis, tugging them down. "Lift your hips," I demanded, dragging the boxers with them. Nicks hard cock sprang free and I paused, "Sit back Nick, I want to look at you." I licked my lips as I stared. It was average in size, actually slightly smaller than Tom's, but thicker, with an engorged head. He groaned as my head lowered, "Hungry Baby," he asked? "Greedy?"

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