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Older couple uses young housewife to promote their business

The wife and I live in a small Midwest town three or so hours away from the big city and all its hustle and bustle. Having two kids didn't make things any easier on our sex lives, it seemed we always looked for time explore new things in the bedroom but it never worked out.

My wife is 29 and approximately 105 lbs with raven black hair. Her small frame is complimented with a beautiful set of 36d breasts making men turn their heads at every opportunity.

My story starts with a knock on the door from our new neighbor on a Wednesday afternoon when I was at work. Rachel, a stunning older professional blond woman our new neighbor, introduced herself to my wife Samantha, Sam for short as I call her and a close friendship blossomed from there. It seemed Rachel had just moved in down the street with her husband, Al from California and they were dying to get to know some people in their new neighborhood.

In the months to follow they became best of friends telling all their secrets the way women do, chatting of this and that and as you know things us guys probably don't want to hear about.

One Friday evening my wife mentioned that Al and Rachel sold some kind of products on the side and Rachel was going to come over next week and show her a line sheet and let her in on the ground floor of the thing. Well I couldn't help but mumble something about a pyramid scheme and Sam dropped the subject immediately and I all but forgot of it.

The following week was a busy one for me and come Wednesday evening my wife was no where to be found when I returned home. I collected some dinner for myself and the Kids and sat in front of the TV for a while to unwind.

Later that evening my wife Samantha returned all excited about her meeting with Rachel and her husband about the products they sold.

At this time I became interested and asked more about them, what exactly do they sell I asked. She blushed a bit and said, Oh your going to love this, they sell marital aids. My heart skipped a few beats and I asked her to repeat herself. She smiled and said you know, those things we looked at that one time when we were thinking of spicing things up a bit in our sex lives.

Sam's face was a little flush now as was mine as well, I said OK I know what you mean.

Well, did you find anything you like. Samantha smiled and said, its not like that, they want me to go in partners with them. I didn't know what to say other than from past experience not to just say NO.

I thought for a moment and decided to let this go its course so that I wouldn't have to be the bad guy.

I made a change about and smiled and just said, well honey if it's something you really want to do, do it.

Samantha jumped up and hugged me and said thanks hun, I really appreciate you going along with this and the conversation ended.

The next few months were full of Samantha getting home later, and acting a bit bizarre at times, but I brushed it all off as what could be frustration with things not going well in her pursuit of being a business partner with Al and Rachel.

Our sex lives did change for the better as it seemed that all that time around those toys of sorts had really changed my wife's interests in the bed room. Samantha had never asked me to do some of the things that she now was asking of me, and at times I felt as if I needed to get help just to keep up. This was good I thought as our sex lives had been a bit on the boring side for some time anyways.

One Friday evening Al called and asked if I wanted to come over for a guys night of cards and booze and I accepted, half hoping to maybe have some light shed on how things were going with the business as well as to why Samantha was acting so strange.

I arrived at Al's place that Saturday evening only to find no one there accept Al greeting me at the door.

I kept my question of the whereabouts of the other guests to myself and we engaged in light conversation.

After a few beers I asked Al how things were going with the business and made mention of my wife's acting strange for some time and that I had been a bit worried.

Al smiled and said, that's why I asked you here, I think its time you were aware of what's been going on.

From this point on it was like a dream as he spoke to the time I left the house.

He informed me that Samantha had offered to model some clothing as well as other items at several private parties and that I had might as well know what she had gotten into so as to avoid problems in the future.

Al got up and placed a tape in the VCR and hit play. As the tape rolled he told me that he had made other tapes as well and it was only for insurance that I didn't get out of hand.

The screen lit up with Al and his wife Rachel and my wife Samantha in the same room as we were in just talking and drinking. After a quick edit Samantha was walking in the room with a skimpy bra and thong on and stood in front of Al and his wife. The camera was looking towards the coach so my view was only briefly of my wife's front as she walked in the room, but I can guarantee that her firm breasts were getting ready to fall out of the outfit as she walked as well as her nipples were like rocks. Al's wife reached forward and pushed Samantha's legs apart and lightly caressed Samantha's thighs. I was starting to get hot under the collar as I sat and watched the scene unfold on the Monitor.

The tape sped forward again and the scene was the same accept my wife's legs were further apart and Rachel was reaching into a box for something as she pushed her free hand under Sam's thong. Again the tape swept forward and Samantha's legs were again further apart, her thong was being pulled to the side by Al as Rachel pushed a silver vibrator up inside my wife and she was shaking at the knees a bit.

At this point I needed to rearrange my position on the couch and could feel my pants getting tight.

I had only fantasized of my wife being with someone else on several occasions and I had no idea it would have this effect on me.

Again the tape went forward to the most lewd scene I had ever seen and could not have imagined. My beautiful wife was now poised on her hands and knees in front of the couple, breasts hanging strait down falling out of the skimpy top looking blankly ahead, her up turned ass toward them and her face toward the camera. Al spoke and she backed up and they helped her place her knees on the couch, one in-between each of their legs raising her ass to their chest levels and her hands still on the floor, making it a challenge for her to support her weight with her arms. Her hair now hung forward over her face, blocking all expressions from the camera, just the view of her shoulders, curved back and up turned ass and two strained thighs out to the side with knees disappearing entangled with those of Al and Rachel's.

The tape again sped forward and now with sound both Rachel and Al were working about behind her ass and crotch while my Samantha stammered, OH GOD, OH MY GOD, its to big, OOO, FUCK...

Then Al slapped her ass hard and said, Take it girl, that's it cum on it. At this time my wife's arms gave out and she went to the floor making her ass point towards the roof, knees still planted firmly on the couch.

Now I could see 2 devises sticking out of her, a small silver vibrator from her tight ass hole and a large ominous looking pink dildo below that I assumed lodged in her tight pussy. Both were being worked in and out and around by Al and his wife Rachel as they watched Samantha with lewd arousal in their eyes.

The carpet now muffled Samantha's screams as the couple slapped her ass and tortured her young body with the two dildos.

The tape again was edited forward and Samantha was screaming, OOOOOOO,FFFUUUUCCCCKKK,

I'M CUMMMMIIINNNGGG. Looking now at the duo working her from behind Rachel was pushing in a slim gold vibrator next to the one already in her pussy while Al held the other two.

The tape went blank and I swear I could hear myself breathe. Al said OK here's the deal, If you keep your cool we can all have a great time with that beautiful wife of yours, if not we put a tape in every mail box on the block. Hell we are already swingers and every one but you knows it, I guess you do to now.

Your wife wanted more out of life than what you had to offer, now she is a happy woman.

I asked what now. Al said, well she belongs to us now, come and see for yourself.

He took me down the hallway to the back bedroom and slowly opened the door. There was my wife Samantha tied spread eagle on the bed, naked from head to toe and blindfolded with Rachel sitting next to her. Samantha was wide open in all respects for what ever was to be done to her. Her nipples stood hard as rocks on top of her white coned breasts in their own right standing tall and proud laying slightly out to the sides. Rachel was holding a black box with knobs on it attached to wires trailing across my wife's stomach down to her crotch and disappearing into the folds of her pussy with another entering her ass. Samantha had a fine coating of sweat covering her body and it was apparent Rachel had been torturing her sex with the devise for some time.

My first thought was they were going to electrocute her in front of me until Rachel turned a knob just a bit and Samantha's body raised a little up off the bed and moaned out load.

Al said this is a hot seller for us, it hasn't been out for a long time but people in certain crowds love it.

My cock was like a rock and I found myself bent a bit in the middle just to maintain a standing posture.

Al said, OK I will leave you three alone and shut the door.

Rachel looked at me and said, OK big boy take off your cloths and get ready for the ride of your life.

At first I didn't know what to do but it appeared Samantha had all but made the decision for us with what she had gotten into, and then there was the black mail thing to, What the hell.

I quickly stripped and began to climb between her legs. Rachel stopped me and said, slow down and removed Samantha's gag. Rachel said, she's quite the cocksucker, try that first.

I straddled her head and pushed my cock in her mouth. My wife immediately started to tong the underside of my prick and push her head toward me trying to get more of my cock.

Rachel twisted the knobs on the box and my wife screamed around my cock and moved her head at light speed over my cock while at the same time arching her body up off the bed behind me. The combination of all that and her nipples against my ass made me blow a large load in her throat as I pulled her head towards me with a ball of her raven hair in each hand.

My wife swallowed continuously never taking a breath as if my sperm was the most precious thing on earth. It was a life-changing event at that point.

I slowly climbed off my wife and Rachel set the knobs on a low setting and dropped the black box next to Samantha on the bed and told me to lick my wife's pussy while she got me hard again.

I kneeled between my wife's legs and started to eat her pussy moving my tong about up and down the sides and around the clit making Samantha grunt and breath load through her nose shaking her hips in all directions as far as her bounds would allow.

Rachel now had climbed behind me and began to work my cock hard again with some light oil on her hands stroking up and down the shaft and spinning her wrists as she went. Samantha was now whining and mumbling, OH GOD, AHHHHEIIIII, FUUUUCKKK MEEEE, as that in its self as well as the water now running off her body had gotten me hard as a rock again.

I felt a ring being slid over my cock with a wire up against my inner thigh trailing from it. Before I could react or look down at the devise Rachel pulled my head up and said its time to fuck your wife for me. She then grabbed the wire coming from my wife's pussy and gave it a tug slowly pulling it out. Samantha jumped about on the bed as a silver egg shaped object began to emerge pushing her pussy lips aside. It seemed to be making a humming noise that grew loader as it became more exposed.

Rachel smiled and said, yes it vibrates as well as conducts electricity to the walls the pussy. Rachel stopped pulling the devise out of my wife's pussy when her lips were taught one third of the way over the end of the egg devise and said, watch this.

Rachel then picked up the box and twisted the knobs with an evil grin. My wife let out a scream and arched her body high off the bed and shook continuously as a small stream of fluid spayed from below her clit and the egg shot out on the bed. Rachel stroked my wife's forehead as she fell back to the bed and went silent and said, that's a girl, just the way we've been practicing for the customers, yessss sweet young thing.

My head now was swimming thinking of what must have been going on for the last few months all those evenings she had been gone as well as the week days. I intended to fuck her hard if for nothing else, out of anger for what she had done.

Without being told I moved forward and pushed my manhood deep inside her grabbing both her tits with a finger and thumb tightly clamped over each hard nipple. She was wet and hot as a fire inside and she grunted loudly and started to breath heavy again stiffening her body under me clamping down on my prick like a vise. Out of the corner of my eye Rachel had plugged the wire coming from the ring on my cock into the same box and slowly started to turn the knobs again like before never taking her eyes off of us.

I immediately felt a sensation in every area my prick made contact with the walls of her pussy while at the same time My wife lifted yet again up off the bed and started to say, OH GOD, OH MY GODDDD, FUCKKKKKKKKK, MEEEEE, GRUNT, AIEEEE and started as well to buck her hips in abandon.

It was like riding a bronco as Samantha flailed about with her pussy contracting around my cock as I started to piston as fast as I could in and out with my balls slapping her ass and the wire coming from it. It didn't take long and I was cumming yet again only this time it was like I couldn't stop as the electric pulse was making its way now to my bladder and other places causing my orgasm to continue for what seemed for forever.

At last Rachel shut the devise off and I fell on to my wife, my sweat mixing in a familiar fragrance and sensation with hers reminding me of years back when we would go until we were not able any more.

Samantha now whispered my name and we kissed with my fingers now buried in her hair against her scalp.

In my diminished state I collected myself and found my way up off of Samantha only to back into Al who was holding his large cock in his hand waiting for what now I realized was his turn at Samantha.

To tired and confused to think of react I sat in a chair as he climbed onto the bed then slipped his large cock slowly into my wife. Rachel now straddled my wife's face and held a large grasp of her hair pulling Samantha's face deep into her pussy as Al started to move in and out of her with long slow strokes.

I sat and watched as Rachel and Al used my wife's body for their own pleasures and felt shame in the pleasure I felt in watching.

We now are deep into the life style, I have watched her fingered by men as they prepare her for a toy of their choice to try inside her pussy. I have watched her pass out from over stimulation at a party where she was made to have as many as seven toys, and electrodes pushed up inside of her pussy and ass while her beautiful young tits were mauled and slapped about by a crowd of people late in the evening when the hosts had left her tied over a coffee table unattended.

At one party she was put in a sling hung from the ceiling forcing her arms and legs up in a bunch above her head and ass left exposed then lowered onto a fucking machine with a small fist sized mechanical dildo built by the company hosting the party and left to bob about in one orgasm after another as the machine pumped away at a slow torturing pace with no conscience or reprieve as each person would take turns pushing a lubricated finger up her ass to feel the next contraction.

The company has grown and Samantha has become the main attraction and selling point for the company.

She is hooked on the submissive role and adventure as well as the earth shattering orgasms.

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