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She gives her lover an anal present

I had been fucking Kenny for about six months the first time it happened. I was doing things with Kenny that I never did with my husband, Eric, and I was always eager to try more. So when Kenny suggested we try a little back-door action, I was game, but a little nervous. The only rear-entries I had ever seen were on the porno films my husband liked, and the act always looked painful, with no pleasure at all.

I knew Kenny had wanted this for a while; after all, he was always the man who would cause an accident at an intersection if a woman with a fine ass crossed the street. Anyway, I decided to let him do it. Not only because he wanted it that way, but because it was the one thing I had never done with my husband. I was so grateful to Kenny for the incredible sex that I was willing to repay him by handing over my very last virginity.

I met Kenny at his house after I put my husband on a plane to Milwaukee, or some other far-off city. I drove through the December snow thinking about what we were going to do to each other—more specifically, what HE was going to do to ME. And I was nervous, but the thought of him breaking me in had me all wet and hot before I even pulled up in front of his house.

Kenny opened the door dressed in a soft sweater the color of his blue eyes and dark blue slacks, no shoes. He looked good enough to eat, and he smelled that way too, like some kind of woodsy cologne. I hugged him and simply leaned into him to get a good whiff. I heard his laugh rumble like thunder in his chest. "I missed you too, sweetheart," he drawled in that deep southern accent. He rocked back and forth with me while the snow blew in around our feet.

I was thinking about what I felt in his pants, and how badly I wanted it in me. I guess he knew it, too, because he kissed me gently and said, "We have all night, honey. And I want this to be as good for you as it is for me."

He wined and dined me all night. Soft music played in the background. Candles blazed. A fire crackled in the fireplace. He had cooked—actually cooked! —and it was incredibly delicious, what of it I could taste. I hardly noticed the food ...I was too keyed up about what would come later!

By the time we got to dancing in front of the fireplace, I had waited long enough. Curiosity had taken over any fear I had felt before, and I was so ready for him I wanted to rip his pants open! So I reached up on tiptoe and whispered in his ear, "Cut the romance, Kenny. I want to fuck." I grabbed his crotch and pulled gently on him, getting rewarded with a groan. He yanked the hem of my little black dress up and lifted it over my head, throwing it onto the big couch. I was naked underneath.

"Wow. Look at you," he said. I was rubbing his dick through his pants, and he was getting so hard the stitches were straining. So I unzipped him and knelt down to take him in my mouth. His cock was already so swollen it was hard to fit my lips around him. I licked and sucked until I tasted the first drops of cum on the tip of his long stick. I stopped and looked at his cock, squeezing him gently. How would he ever fit inside my ass? I shivered in anticipation.

Kenny came down to the floor with me and rid himself of the rest of his clothes. I licked his cock, paying attention to the swollen head and pulling on his balls the way I knew he liked. He held my head and pushed me harder onto his cock, until it touched the back of my throat and made it impossible to breathe. Then he would pull out and go back in, slowly, until I struggled for breath.

"I like to feel your throat," he said. "I bet you can take all of me." He swiveled his hips and thrust into my throat again. I swallowed him until I had to push him away and fight for breath. "Take all of this cock right now," he ordered me, and pulled my head back. I had read that it was easier if your throat was in one straight line, so I said, "Let me up on the couch and I'll try."

I lay on my back on the couch and let my head hang over so I was looking at everything upside-down. Kenny was on his knees so his cock was level with my mouth. I took a deep breath and reached up for him, pulling him into my mouth. It took a few tries, but I finally figured out how to relax my throat muscles to fit all of him in. I couldn't breathe with his cock in my throat, so I had to pull him out to take deep breaths every now and then.

I finally took one deep, long breath and slid him in, swallowing as he went down my throat. I felt his balls bump against my nose as he slid all the way home with a loud shout. "Yes, baby, yes!" he hollered, and I was glad I had paid attention to that particular little magazine article on giving head. He thrust in and out, allowing me enough time between each plunge to catch a little breath. I knew he was going to cum soon, and I wanted this one to be together, so I pulled away from him, slowly, giving him one final lick.

"Not yet, baby," I said. "I think you're gonna cum somewhere else tonight."

Kenny grinned wickedly and urged me to roll over on the floor. I lay on my tummy and he caressed my back, my hips, my thighs. "You're so beautiful," he told me, and I know I blushed. He always said things like that. When his fingers kneaded my ass, I tensed up despite how much I wanted him. He took his time massaging me until I was as limp as a rag doll. When he spread my ass cheeks, I took a deep breath, reminding myself to relax and it would be better.

Then I felt his tongue. He pressed his wet tongue to my tight asshole and began to lick me, wriggling his tongue around until the very tip of it was inside. It felt hot and slick in there, and I liked it. I raised up on my knees to give him better access back there, and he responded by slowly forcing his long tongue deep into my ass. I moaned, "Baby, that's so good." My pussy was throbbing for him, and I was tempted to touch myself, but I wanted to wait. I wanted to have my orgasm with his cock locked in my ass.

"I want you, Kenny," I said hotly. "I want you to take that monster cock and shove it up my ass. I want that big cock to rip me open!" Kenny slid a finger through my pussy juice and rubbed my asshole until it was really lubed, then he pushed one finger up my ass. I was shocked at how tight it felt, and when he began to fuck his finger in and out I thought I was going to cum!

"That's what I want, Kenny...that's it, honey...it feels so good!" I pushed back on his hand, almost frantic for his meat now. Kenny pulled his finger out and then I felt two fingers pushing up my ass. It stung a little when the second finger went in, but once it was past my tight muscle ring it started to feel good. He ran his fingers in and out of my asshole, and where my skin was stretched around him felt incredible. I moaned, "Oh, don't stop...I want you up there...I want your cock, Kenny, please..." I begged over and over. I had never felt something so good in my entire life!

I looked back when Kenny pulled his fingers out. I watched him pull a little bottle out of his pants pocket and open it, spreading lube on his fingers. My pussy twitched in anticipation. I pushed my butt up higher for him, and he spread the lube on my ass. "One more finger, babe. I want to stretch you out so I don't hurt you," he told me. I didn't care...I wanted him up there now! I reached down and touched my clit, then slid a finger inside my cunt. I had to touch myself or I would go crazy!

I cried out when he pushed three long fingers all the way up my ass. It burned for a minute, but when I pushed back on his hand, it felt better. I could feel his fingers through the walls of my pussy as I rubbed myself. "My fingers are going numb, you're so tight," he told me. I felt him separate his fingers inside me, stretching my ass muscle on his hand. It hurt, and I began to have second thoughts about this thing. Then Kenny licked my ass again and I wanted his cock!

"Please fuck me now, Kenny..." I begged.

Kenny pulled his fingers out and spread lube on his cock. He was rock hard and thick. I spread my legs wide for him, offering my virgin ass. "I'm gonna put this cock in that tiny little asshole, and you're gonna take every inch of it, aren't you?" I moaned when he pressed his thick head to my ass, his hands spreading my cheeks wide so he could watch his cock impale me. "I'm gonna pop that cherry, baby, and you're gonna scream for me and cum while I ream you up the ass. You gonna scream for me, baby?" He asked me.

"Make me scream, give me that big dick—" I felt his cock push harder and my ass started to open up a little. I started to rub my clit harder; I wanted to come so bad. His cock was slick with lube, and I felt it begin to stretch me open. I pushed back a little and it hurt...sharp little stabs of pain shot through my belly. I tried to hold still and let him push in, but it only hurt worse.

"Let me in, babe. Let me put this cock in you." Kenny held my hips and thrust forward, slowly, and I felt my sphincter muscle give a little under the pressure. "It will only hurt for a minute, I promise," he said and pushed harder. My ass burned, and it felt like my tender virgin skin was ripping a little around him. But I was almost ready to cum, and I couldn't wait any longer.

I grabbed the couch cushions in front of me and braced myself. "Just take me, Kenny," I told him. "Take me now, give me all of that dick...oh...AAAHH!"

I felt him thrust hard and steady, and my ass stretched to take him in. It burned like fire when he pushed in, and then I felt his head pop across my muscle ring, and he was through. Little knives of pain slashed through my thighs and belly, and I screamed a little as he drove deep, finally stopping with his huge cock embedded to the root in my asshole. He waited there, filling my ass with his huge throbbing rod, and groaned. "You feel so good, so good...You're so tight and hot and sweet...you're tight all the way up..."

Then he pulled out a little, almost all the way. His cock made my ass throb with friction as he slid out, then slammed home. It still hurt, and I screamed before I could help myself.

"You go ahead and scream, baby. You go ahead, because I'm up your ass, all the way up, and this cock is bigger than ever!" He began to fuck me then, fucking my ass with long and slow strokes, until the pain almost disappeared and I started to enjoy it. I reached between my legs to squeeze his balls. Then I reached into my pussy with two fingers and felt his pumping dick through the thin wall of my cunt. I rubbed his shaft through the muscles, feeling him slide in and out, faster and faster.

I couldn't believe it! I had a cock up my ass! And the thickest one I had ever seen, at that. It felt incredible, like a big log up in there, reaming me out and reaching up so far I could feel him in my belly. I wondered what it would feel like when his cum shot out in my bowels. I felt like I was going to cum without even a single touch.

"Does it hurt, babe? You like this big dick fucking your hole? You like being a filthy slut?"

"Oh, yes! Please fuck me hard, harder...YES!"

I came right then, with his cock deep in my ass. I could feel my ass muscles clench so tight around him that he had to stop fucking me, his dick held prisoner deep in my body. I screamed. "Kenny! YES! Ah, here it ISSSS!" The pulses of my orgasm tightened up my pussy and made me scream over and over.

Kenny shouted when my asshole clamped down on him, holding him tight inside. His cockhead was deep in my ass, all the way up in my intestines, and I could feel him throbbing in there. "Oh, I'm gonna cum!" he said, his fingers digging into my hips as he pushed as hard as he could. I felt my skin tear a little around his cock, and I screamed again, then I felt him cum! I could feel his pumping machine spurt out loads of thick cum up into my ass, and I could feel it all sliding around in there. My tight ass muscle locked up his cock, and all he could do was cum, again and again, as my ass clenched his shaft.

I didn't think he would ever stop unloading. Just when I thought he was finished, he would moan and I would feel another thick dose spurt out and slide deep. His cock was still hard, and I didn't move, just let him give me everything his cock had been holding back for this very moment in my ass.

I finally had to move...I couldn't hold myself up on my knees anymore. I fell on my tummy, and Kenny lay on top of me, his dick still deep in my back door. I tensed my muscles to hold him there; I wanted to feel him get hard again and fuck me. I wanted to keep all that cream as far up my ass as I could. "I want you to fuck my ass again," I said out loud, and his cock surged in my ass, growing hard again...

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