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Steamy love letter leads to a night of passion

"…and he stroked her between the legs until the alabaster cotton gown beneath his hand was translucent with her rapture."

Sonja drove, listening intently to Dirk's words as she squinted to see the upcoming road sign. She sighed in relief when it came into view: Port Torrance – 15 miles How she adored it when Dirk read to her. He lounged along side her in the van, clutching the book tightly in excitement. The words rolled off his tongue with a delicate flow. Though his body showed every sign of arousal, Sonja could tell Dirk was languid from the extensive traveling they'd done that day. Her shapely pale legs were weary too from striding up and down all the cobblestone streets. Sight seeing wasn't like any chore related to employment, but neither was it any less cumbersome.

Sonja's mind wandered a bit as Dirk took a break from reading. They'd had lunch in a delicious Italian place. The milieu didn't compare to the ancient marble in Italy, but the food was exceptionally flavorful. She remembered a strong scent of garlic wafting through the restaurant's muggy air and her husband's thin cotton shirt decoupaged to his chest.

Dirk interrupted Sonja's train of thought, "You're tired hon, let me take the last stretch of driving. Why don't you pull over at this next exit."

Sonja was too drained to put up a convincing argument against his suggestion, so she coasted off the highway into the nearest gas station. She climbed over the gear shift and plopped into the passenger seat of the van. Dirk climbed in opposite her and handed Sonja flashlight and what looked like a handwritten note.

"Are these the directions?" She questioned.

"No dear, it's a little something I wrote especially for you. Read it on the way to the motel. It'll help you pass the time." Dirk pulled back out onto the road as Sonja unfolded the paper and began to read aloud:

"I know sometimes I don't seem as perceptive as I should be, though I hope I make up for it when I make love to you. There's so much I don't say that gets lost in the business of the day. God, this sounds like a Hallmark card already, but yesterday I forgot to tell you how luscious you looked, stepping out of your morning shower. Every inch of you was dripping wet. I couldn't help but think about interrupting while you toweled off, but doing so would have ruined the moment. Often it's times like those, when you're unaware of my steadfast gaze, that my cock hardens most quickly."

"I know I've told you many times how well you take me in your mouth. Sometimes you twist and turn with your tongue so delicately that I'm sure I've lost my mind. Your tongue has such talent, licking up and down my shaft as if to smooth out every possible wrinkle. It's so difficult to wait while you suckle and nibble when you know I want to release in that pretty little mouth of yours. You always draw the climax out, making me work for my orgasm, but never longer than I can stand. I wonder sometimes how I look to you when your lips are wrapped around me and I'm stammering to finish each syllable in your name. Such warm blow job lips you have, kissing me with a taste of my own seed."

Dirk's words made Sonja shudder as they drew her in. They were less eloquent than the book he'd been reading, but they were his own, and several times more hair raising. She continued:

"When you let me take you from behind, it feels as if all the elements of nature are pounding within my chest, and I have to slow my pace to give you the indulgence you deserve. It's as if you can anticipate my every movement, responding in kind. I never have to tell you when to clench or release, claw or purr, nip or bite. You've studied me well."

"And Baby… the way you dance makes me crazy. It escalates me even more when you say that it's for my eyes only. I can't keep my hands still when I see that chestnut hair of yours and those delectable hips swinging like pendulums in opposite directions. It's baffling how you can talk so dirty, each part of your wanton body seducing me in a completely different kinky way."

"Still, my same soft Sonja begs to be made love to. She begs me to look into her eyes while I'm deep inside her. There isn't anything more exciting than the moment where you're so aroused baby, that I don't have to guess what I'm doing right or wrong. It's that moment where I'm simply following what your body tells me to do, or taking the orders in between your short gasps of breath. I want more of those moments."

"I've decided tonight is your night my love. I'll fulfill every one of your fantasies within my ability. I know how much you love it when I read to you. That was merely the beginning. Name your pleasure, my love. Your fulfillment is my own."

Sonja could feel already how moist she was walking the length of the motel parking lot. The unexpected love note made her forget how tired her legs had felt just a short time before. It wasn't long before the couple had changed into more comfortable clothes and climbed into bed. Dirk then took Sonja in his arms, and began by stroking her between the legs until the alabaster cotton gown beneath his hand was translucent with her rapture.

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