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First Time Swingers - The foursome make a video

The tale of our first time swingers continues. It seems Sally and Bob want to make a home video.

"Jim" said Betty. "It's Sally and Bob on the phone. They want us to come over to their house they said they have something "special" to do with us. They said we will really enjoy it."

I said sure that sounds great so we headed out to their house.

Upon arriving were greeted by them and invited in.

"What's this special thing?" I asked.

"Well Jim, Bob and I want to make a amateur fuck movie." Sally answered. "Your wife said she would do the filming and I want you two guys to fuck and suck with me. There's plenty of me to fuck and I want to take on two guys and get it all on tape. I will feel like I am big porno star and I sure live up to the big part."

We all chuckled as Sally was over 200 pounds. So she sure had the big part right. The thought was quite arousing I must admit.

Betty was quite excited about it too and said she would make sure she got lots of good closeups and for us to provide plenty of good fucking action. We had seen enough fuck flicks to know what we liked to see so Betty could direct us and we would follow her orders.

"I have special wardrobe for you guys," Sally said as we made our way to the bedroom "studio." "I have a very sexy bra and panty set and for you guys, very sexy thong bikins. You guys will look good in them with your big hard cocks filling them."

Sally went into her bathroom to get ready and Bob went to his dresser to get our thongs. Mine was a orange color and Jim's was a green. No doubt this would show up nicely on video. They were made of a very stretchy nylon, no doubt to reveal our hard cocks to their best.

"You guys get out of those clothes and into your thongs," my wife said. "I want to see what you look like."

Bob and I started to take our clothes off as Betty now with the video camera started to do a test run. I watched Bob get undressed as he did me. He did have a nice cock, now semi hard. I had never thought of stroking or sucking a guy before. I knew that in my fuck movies I did enjoy looking at a nice cock, especially when the guy would pull out and finish jerking off on some tits or pussy. I could see Bob looking over at me as we slipped on our thongs. We both tucked our semi hard dicks inside those nice pouches as we filled them full.

"You two guys seem to be enjoying looking at each other in those sexy thongs," my wife said. " We will save something for you two in the movie. Now look here comes the main star"

Sally had her bra and panties on and she did look great. I loved her big full body and was ready to do some fucking. She had on this cupless bra which allowed her big DD tits to be fully exposed and a set of crotchless panties. She was set for action. She would not have to remove anything. We could fuck her right in those panties. My cock was at full attention now and so was Bob's.

Betty was ready to direct. She had us start kisssing all over Sally and then Sally feel our hard dicks through the nylon. Then she came up with something totally unexpected.

"Honey, I want you to reach over and feel Bob's nice hard cock. I know you want to. I saw you both looking at each other, so why not explore your urges. Go ahead feel him up. I will get it all on tape. Bob you do the same. I know you want to feel my Jim's shaft. You both look so good and sexy. Your hard cocks sure stretch that nylon."

So Sally would feel my hard cock and then Bob would do the same. I then would feel Bob. Then our hands would roam between Sallys big legs as we sought out her pussy slit.

"Now then guys" my wife said. "Both of turn to the camera here and slowly pull the thongs down in the front, letting your hard cocks show stiff and firm. We want the viewer to see you both, firm and erect. Sally you pump each cock a little."

Betty was getting to be quite the director. She then had Sally lay on the bed as she focused the camera on her.

" Spread wide for me Sally," she said. "I want to get a nice closeup of your big pussy. Pull your lips wide apart, let's see that fuckhole. Umm good and hot. Finger it some now. Let's see that finger dip inside your well fucked hole and spread it open. Think of a guy jerking off as he watches this tape, make him so hard that he will shoot all over himself. Go up to your clit and masturbate some."

I must admit this was good. It was all I could do to keep from jerking off right then, but I needed my cum for other things. I looked over at Bob with his thong down to his kness and cock straight up.

"Now guys, off with the sexy undies and get ready to eat some wet pussy," she said as she readied the camera for some closeup action. "Bob, you first. Put your face between your wife's legs and eat her wet hot pussy. Jim, honey, you suck her big tits. Eating and sucking is what I want to see."

Jim was licking and sucking his wife's pussy as I sucked her big tits. Her open cup bra and crotchless panties were ideal for this action and sexy too.

We were directed to take turns. I was to eat her next and Bob suck her tits. Betty had the video going as we sucked and licked Sally.

"Now, Bob" the director ordered. " Get you cock ready to fuck your wife. Sally, spread wide and give us a good shot of how wet your cunny is from all that eating it has gotten. Umm is it ever so wet from two pussy eating guys. Stroke it Bob. Get it good and hard and then enter your wife's eager hole."

Betty got the camera at a angle to show Bob's cock as it penetrated Sally.

"Jim, now you stroke your cock but don't shoot off yet. I have something planned for your jism.

Betty had a good angle as Bob pounded Sally's fat pussy.

" Fuck her hard, Bob," she said. I don't want you to withdraw but shoot her pussy full of your cum. Fill her cunt full"

Suddenly Bob moaned as he pumped madly into his

wife. Betty made sure she got his facial expressions as he shot off into her pussy..

" Sally, you stay spread wide as Bob withdraws. I want so see some cum seep out. We want our veiwers to know he dumped his load inside that fat cunt. Umm that's it Bob. Ease that nice cock out and lets see that deposit you left in your wife. Ohhh what a big load and what a mess too.

Jim now its your turn. Get in between her legs and fuck her and give her another load. I want her pussy full of male cream."

Sally opened her legs again, eager to take another load. My cock was ready and eager. As I entered her I could feel the slickness of Bob's load. It ws still warm and I slid in with ease.

I then fucked her deep and hard as my wife urged me on wanting me also not to withdraw but to fill her even more with cum. It wasn't long until I exploded into her. I sent torrents of my cum deep up her fuckhole.

" Ummmm great" my wife said. " I bet you pumped a quart if jism in that fat cunt. Ease out so I can video a second messy cum load. Oh my, look at it seep out. You two guys had a great load for her. Now guys I have something special and different for you two to do. I know you won't mind as you seem to like each others cocks. I know you like to feel and look at each others hardons.

Now Bob, you first. Your wife's pussy is a bit messy and needs some cleaning. How about you get down there and lick some of that cum out. You can taste your own jism and Jim's too!. Don't lick it all out though"

I was surprised but excited at the thought of tasting my own cum and then to taste Bob's also. I must admit I was aroused. Bob had a great cock so his cum would not be all that bad to taste. Since we had first met and we had done all this together, I had become curiuous about at least jerking him off and him doing me. I watched as Bob had no hesitation and went down on his wife to lick her pussy and taste two loads of cum.

Then it was my turn and I went right for her slit. It was different but exciting as I could smell the sexual scent of cum and pussy juices. Sally was enjoying getting cleaned and eaten by two guys.

Betty kept the camera rolling until we had Sally licked clean.

"That was great guys," Betty said. "You two really know how to lick a cunt clean. I think we have a great video here.

"It was great," Sally said. Two guys eating their cum from my well fucked cunt has to be a winner."

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