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Wife owns up to fantasies, and agrees to go one step further

After our trio of telephone conversations and all the hot sex that went with them, Jackie and I retired early and talked openly about what we’d learned about each other in the preceding hours.

“I always knew that every man masturbated and I knew it didn’t mean you didn’t find me sexy,” Jackie confided. “But I’d never really seen a man come. When I was younger I tossed off a boyfriend or two but it was usually with the lights off, or while I was French kissing the guy, and when I graduated to blow jobs I always swallowed.

“And then when we met, we were always having too much fun putting you in me to worry too much about doing it manually, if you know what I mean.

“But when you came all over my tits yesterday, that really turned me on. It was the whole jet of white pearls flying through the air on to me, and then another – part of me was thinking about how far up me you can spurt, and part of me just wanted to rub it into my skin so that I smelled of your cock.”

We snuggled together in the bed, and she cupped by scrotum as I gently stroked her breasts.

“The thought of you masturbating has always been an incredible turn-on for me,” I confessed. “But I never really knew how to raise the subject and I didn’t want to offend you – our sex is great and I didn’t want to turn you away. When you started talking to me on the phone this morning my cock was rock hard in an instant, I couldn’t believe it was you. And when I saw you fingering your cunt later on, well I almost shot my wad.”

“You did,” she giggled. “All over me.”

“But darling, tell me: you said earlier that you didn’t really like the idea of vibrators, but do you masturbate?”

“Of course I do,” she murmured, pushing herself a little closer to me. “Sometimes a long, slow wank in the bath is just what I need at the end of the day, it’s a relaxation thing rather than getting into a hot session with you. Sometimes first thing in the morning and I feel a little bit sluggish, then a quick spray with the power shower on the right spot will get me. I’m certainly not fiddling with myself every time your back is turned and it’s nothing to do with sexual frustration – it’s just sometimes it’s nice to look after yourself.”

I let my fingers brush across her well-trimmed pubic bush, and she shivered slightly before she returned the compliment by gentling taking hold of my semi-hard cock.

“But you just use fingers, rather than anything else?”

“Oh, I tried the usual things as a teenager – hairbrush handle, cucumber, everyday objects like that, but I always felt awkward and when I discovered the real thing I didn’t need an artificial alternative,” she said, now slowly stroking along the central length of my shaft.

“But you’ve talked about it with Lydia, from what she said on the phone?”

“Oh yeah, she’s a big fan,” said Jackie. “She’s not gay, you know, but she’ll try anything. One night when I was round at her flat she opened her handbag and showed me what she calls her special friend – it’s a big black thing, all veined and knobbly, and it’s got more settings than you’d think necessary. She switched it on and it made a hell of a racket – she said it was fantastic but I couldn’t see myself using one. Not when I’ve got the real thing close at hand.”

By now she was stroking me more urgently, and I used my fingers to part her still slippery lips and gently rub her inflamed clit.

“And I know you were pretty far gone earlier,” I said, trying to keep my tone casual as we began to push against each other again. “But when Lydia started talking about what she’s like to do to you, you seemed to be getting into it.”

“Oh yeah, right,” laughed Jackie. “Every guy’s fantasy, hey? Two girls getting it on while you stand by with your dick in your hand, waiting to slide in when it suits you?”

She tried to make a joke of it, but I felt confident enough to continue. “So you’ve never been tempted to have a kiss and a cuddle round at her place? You’ve said yourself she’s pretty hot.”

“Of course I’ve been curious, and tempted,” Jackie pouted. “But fucking another woman would be the same as fucking another man, it would mean me being unfaithful to you and I would never want to do that”

“But if I was there and we were all agreed, you wouldn’t mind giving it a go?”

By now Jackie, eyes closed, was lying back on the bed, the fingers of one hand teasing her nipples while her other hand stroked steadily at my cock. I had three fingers pushed up into her tunnel, and the back of my thumb nudging rhythmically against her clit.

“Mmmm, when we were talking about it on the phone it made me tingle all over, when she said she wanted to eat me out while you fucked her from behind,” Jackie murmured.

“She is gorgeous, and horny, and I’d love to see you spunk over her lovely brown tits so I could lick it up.”

She increased the pressure of her hand on my cock, pulling it insistently towards her pussy. “Come on,” she said. “Show me what a tongue can’t do. I need it.”

With a single thrust I speared her to the hilt, feeling the steaming muscles of her cunt wall grab hold of me as she pushed up from the bed.

“And what about the lovely Lydia’s other option?” I grunted, withdrawing almost until I could feel the cool outside air on my helmet and then driving back in. “She wanted this up her ass as well, you know. Would you really be happy to see me stick your own private cock up another woman’s cunt, up another woman’s backside?”

“But you’ve never fucked me up the back, you’ve never asked,” she gasped.

“You never saw me wank before, you never asked,” I said. “That doesn’t mean it wasn’t in my mind, or you wouldn’t enjoy it. You’ve got a gorgeous backside, and I would love to me my cock disappearing up it.

“You know what I can see now?” I demanded, increasing the tempo of my pounding of her pussy as her breathing became even more ragged. “You on your knees, and me with my cock sliding in and out of your lovely arse, yeah? And in front of you there’s Lydia, sweaty and naked, and what’s that in her hand?

“It’s huge, and it’s black. What’s that noise? She’s switched it on. And she’s moving towards you. First of all she passes the throbbing dildo across her own cunt lips, and then she slips it right inside her. Can you see it too?”

“But it’s huge,” moaned Jackie, now slipping her own fingers onto her clit as my cock continued to surge into her.

“And you know what she’s going to do with it now, now it’s all wet and slippy? Here she comes. You’ve got my cock up your arse, and here comes the big black cock to fill up your cunt. Can you feel it?”

“Yes, yes, oh fill me up,” shrieked Jackie, gushing her juice all over me as I up and up, pumping a fresh load of spunk deep inside her.

My hot wife was on a roll, but as we lay exhausted together my mind was alive with possibilities.

Jackie was up for experimentation, and I certainly wouldn’t say no to sticking Lydia in any and every orifice. So who was going to make the phone call?

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